How To Start A New Church


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After I send my ULC agreement in and choose the name for my Church, what are the next steps? I am very new to this so please forgive me. I do live in Michigan if that helps. I would like to know what forms to fill out with the state and IRS.

Thank you and Bless you

Start by looking in the FAQ forum here in legal questions. Look at Non-profit And Irs 501©(3) Faq and Irs Information For Churches & Rel. Orgs. to start with. Of course, these are written so to apply to all states and you will have to disseminate the information to apply to your state. Legal assistance is always recommended.

Once you have read those give us a ring back with specific questions. Perhaps there will be someone here from your state that can give you specific advice.


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being from michigan,the first thing i advise you to do is read everything mr taylor suggested.the second thing is to get yourself an attorney.while some of us may have answers,this forum is not for legal advice,and the answers are worth what you pay for them.

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