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In this day and age, if I were a religious organization, I would not entertain the idea of firearms beinig a part of the organization. Just too much can be taken in the wrong perception. I don't understand even why you have asked the question; are you trying to put together a summer church retreat for men? Were you thinking of some way of using the donated guns for the church retreat?

It was always a hypothitical question; since we are not incorporated at this time. I was thinking more along the lines of day trips or weekend camping trips. But I just don't see how to do it without gettting Janet Reno on my ass. I do think is is kind of wrong for the feds to bully a group into not using their constitutional rights.

oh yeah, and the idea of selling some guns to raise money - I thought so too, but alas, Dale will not part with any due to the sentimental value, and he is the legal owner. So I'm putting the lid back on this can of worms, even if a few did get away. I'm thinking I might want to distance ourselves from that property.

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To all:

Our residence (which is, I guess, now a church) doesn’t have a single gun.

Having said that, I should point out that we are not unarmed. We have a large collection (all working) of bows, swords, slings, axes, knives, and razor sharp hunting arrows. We used to have a compound crossbow, but that was stolen out of the storage space we used to have (it was among three rooms filled with antiques, and they [whomever] simply stole everything on that floor of the storage facility. We were simply caught in the fall out).

My wife and I were once members of a medieval reenactment group; we were both fighters. The sharp stuff is mostly for collecting, but I don’t “believe” in fake weaponry, unless it’s part of a costume.

On top of that, we also have fencing foils, fencing masks (2), wooden swords (bokan/Japanese), and a large collection of books. Why? Well, I actually think that the greatest weapon any person has is their brain… and I haven’t stopped learning yet (the day I do is when I lay down, pull a rock onto my hole, and give up).

So: I suppose we’re a church with an armory (but I don’t really think the BATF is all that concerned…. Yet.

I'm sure the word "armory" predates the modern firearm.

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I'm sure the word "armory" predates the modern firearm.

Most certainly, one day, I'd like to visit the "Tower of London" ---- I saw a huge load of pictures in an old National Geographic... felt like a kid in a candy store.

And it was even better on the History Channel... we actually saw armored "knights" having at one another. *SIGH*

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The West wasn't won with a registered gun.

One of my alltime favorites. If you want the feds to know you have those weapons, feel free to register and fill out sounds of paperwork. If you think it isn't the Governments business what you own or what you do with what you own, don't. Maryland firearm registration is voluntary. i.e. not required.

A very good friend of mine left this world suddenly and his children (grown) found many weapons. Some were given to relatives, some were given to friends. NONE are or ever will be registered. As far as the Gov't knows, they were sold from the manufacturer to someone. From there the trail runs cold.

Also, for ANYONE reading; NEVER take your guns to the police. 99% of the time they are melted down so as not to be enjoyed by others. Those guns were made with a purpose. To be, and nothing more. Yes, some Police officers are ignorant when it comes to weapons and just about everything else. That 1% may even illegally sell them "out the back door". They will be dealt with. Be a friend. Find someone that enjoys weapons and give them a wonderful present!

Doesn't anyone remember the movie "Red Dawn" (Patrick Swayze)

My weapons are my busisness.

Anti-gun people need not reply.


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