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  1. has not set their status

  2. yes you can own these things, just fill out the paperwork and pay the proper tax! go to the BATFE web page and they lay it all out for you. they tend top be expensive and so that's why i don't have any right now.
  3. you sound like a former SCA household? me too, although the wife is still a member and active, me no so much.
  4. DO NOT take them to local LEO, as they won't be destroyed no matter what they tell you, you can legally dispose of them. you can sell them to somebody that will appreciate them. no matter what they are the executor of the estate can dispose of and posses them. i recently had to assist the executor of an estate here in pa who had the local sheriff try to "confiscate" [read steal] some weapons by giving bad advice and unlawful orders to an executor. It took some seriously sharp words to save that situation! lcal leo's who get this stuff almost always keep it and then consider it free guns or sell them for a profit out the back door to friends! often illegally! cops often don't know anything about firearms law and will get themselves and you into plenty of trouble. if i can be of assistance you can PM me and get my contact info and i will help you as best i can. at least we can clear up some of your doubts!
  5. ahhh, such philistines....... I'll translate NFA =national firearms act federal gunlaw passed so we couldn't shoot the last kennedy [that's just humor so don't throw rocks] sbr = short barreled rifle SBS = short barreled shotgun suppressor= "silencer" CLeo = chief law enforcement officer [DA, sheriff police chief, etc] FA = full auto [machinegun, IE that mg 42 plinker] BATFE = bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives [federal gun police, sounds like a convenience store eh?] SOL= ** out of luck [self explanatory]
  6. to buy an NFA item, or SBR, SBS, Suppressor, FA etc you need, as a private individual, the signature or your local CLEO. to get around that requirement you can form a trust or a corporation and no longer have to bother with a recalcitrant or obstructionist CLEO. they no longer have any input at all. say you want to buy a MG42 to plink with on weekends{hahahaha} you would need to file the BATFE paperwork, and get the CLEO signature, say the local CLEO is anti gun, you might be SOL. Instead you form a limited trust or corp, now you don't have to get that signature and the CLEO can't stand in your way no matter how much of an ass he is!
  7. it's ok as long as you don't get arrested for public orination........... lol
  8. with the exception of the felon in possession part, mdtaylor's statement about gun laws is incorrect. organizations CAN own guns. as a matter of fact a trust or corporation is the easiest way to own some classes of firearms.
  9. actually it was already legal, the original decision only had force of law in York county. county court decisions aren't statewide, but can be taken into account as pertinent caselaw.
  10. I hadn't heard of her passing, may he and his family be blessed by god in their time of grief!
  11. i forgot what my address is, how do we check such a thing? mpi
  12. power in motion movement in kind complete transformation the loss of the mind