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A Postal Prayer



God, our Father, may everything we do be First Class. Imprint your own living Zip Code upon our hearts so that we may never go astray. Provide in your gracious providence Special Handling for those of us who are Fragile and keep us in one piece. We have been Signed, Sealed, Stamped and Delivered in you image and likeness and we beg you to keep us in your care as we go about our Appointed Rounds. And when our days draw to a close and we are marked Return to Sender, be there to greet us at Heaven's door so that nobody May ever say Unknown at this Address..


"Borrowed" Louisiana


A friend of mine found a clipping with this prayer on it while going through some of his grandfather's old things. His grandfather was a postal worker. I did a quick search on the internet and was unable to find either the prayer or a person named "'Borrowed' Louisiana". Please e-mail me if you have any info concerning the origins of this prayer.

I am employed by the USPS and thought this was a pretty special prayer.

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