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  1. Chest tubes are out and he ate 3 whole meals today. He's just realizing what happened to him and kind of dazed by it all but coming along. They had him walk today so just waiting for the ok to go to a real room where he can cause some real trouble. Thanks all the support is very helpful to both of us. Karen
  2. He's doing good had his ventilator tube removed today and asked for coffee (he can keep dreaming for a bit longer) They took off most of his monitors and gave him a teddy bear. He's in good spirits but wiped out and will probably go to a regular room in a couple of days or so. Thanks for keeping him in your thoughts. Karen
  3. Thanks everyone. He made it thru the surgery it started at 11:00am eastern and ended at 3:30pm. He got a mechanical heart valve and a double bypass. He's will be in the ICU for 3-5 days then to a regular room for 6 or more. Thank you all for keeping him in your thoughts it really helped. Karen
  4. I know I haven't been around in a while. This was my first experience with forum life and I made some dear friends here. My fiance ATD who I am guessing some already know is have major heart surgery on Monday. We strongly believe in good thoughts, best wishes, prayers and what kind of support can be offered. He doesn't know I am posting but I am very scared and need to know people will be thinking about him for me. He's scheduled for Monday Sept. 29 t 8:30 am. If you could keep u in your thoughts sometime during the day I'm sure we will fell it. It's a valve replacement and bypass. His kidneys aren't very strong and we don't know what the out come will be with them. Thanks Karen and hopefully I won't be such a stranger when we get thru this.
  5. Only one comes to mind for me is Pippy Long Stockings. When I was young freckle faced, skinny, redhead with droopy socks. Or later Twiggy maybe, my grandmother took me for hair cuts and insisted on a pixie cut.
  6. Did a search check out the bottom of this link page it is there with another author. Hope it helps. Prayer
  7. I thought that was cool LOL don't think my one kid would like it though he is into Rap. Daughter might. I love the remake of the old Monkeys song "I'm A Believer" that Smashmouth does.
  8. You got me on a search sorry couldn't resist getting into this hope some of these links help. The Magick of Incense Might be useful links here also. Empathy's Mystical Occult Site I thought this place was cool. LOL but what do I know about this stuff. The Witch's Way Not sure if any will help but I love to search and this was interesting
  9. congradulations on your new position