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I know that I am a bit late in thanking everyone again and updating on

my grandbaby Wynter. She had the tumor brain tumor. She has had

problems adjusting to the surgery. We have her in therapy, it is helping.

Wynter started having the same type symptoms again so her MRI was

scheduled early. If you believe in miracles this is one. Her brain had

completely healed. The spot that the doctor was worried about is gone,

there is not a small hole where the tumor was and her little brain shows

no scaring. The doctor had to compare the MRI she had in the hospital

after the surgery to the latest MRI, he could not believe this had happened.

She was checked again for seizers, they found nothing there again. Funny

the symptoms Wynter was having disappeared. Hopefully they will stay that way.

Wynter’s emotional level has regressed. Her evaluation puts her emotional

level to that of a 2 ½ year old she will be 5 in January. She is having

trouble with writing and drawing almost straight lines. All this will come.

She is a very intelligent little girl, can she maneuver around the children’s

games on the computer. LOL

Still Wynter has her wild spirit and dances all time..this is good, her balance

hasn’t been effected.

I really wanted to thank everyone and let all know that my wonderful little

Wynter is fine and will be dancing in her class production of the

"Nut **" again this year. :)

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