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  1. I'm kinda torn between the 2, Theres times I like the Theatre and theres times I like to watch movies at home.
  2. Just wanted to tell everyone about a band here in Mi. Their called "Green Stick Fracture", you can check them out on Myspace.
  3. Kids in the Way..........Here is a great Indie/Pop Christian Band, just saw them tonight, If their coming to your town this is a must see band. This is me with the Lead Singer Dave, very cool guy.
  4. How about "Enterprise", though it was having a tough time with story lines I thought.
  5. I still have not seen it yet, but heard it was a very good movie along with great special EF/X.
  6. Something about seeing 2 men really doesn't do anything for me......
  7. Heres a video some of you might enjoy.
  8. I also heard that it wasn't that good, But I also know that people have their own opions of movies as well. I know I've seen movies ( The Grudge, for instance) where people said it was terrible, But I thought the movie was great.
  9. Last nights show turned out to be a success, all the Bands were great. And most of all there will be some happy children this year.
  10. So are there any answers as to why the users with over a 100 posts still can not use their ulcmail account? I know I'm not there yet as far as # of post to qualify, but when I get there I want to be confident the mail server is working.
  11. I had the honor to see Dime & Damage Plan in the same city and state where he died just 5 months earlier along with Disturbed. My guess is......Is that, the guy was at that show as well, and his anger just built up until 5 months later when Damage Plan returned........R.I.P Dime, you'll always be in our Prayers......Peace!
  12. This coming Thursday will mark the death of Pantera/Damage Plan guitarist "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott. On December 8, 2004, he was shot and killed on stage while performing a concert. Remember and honor his death by listening to all Pantera on Thursday. R.I.P Dime, you will always be in my thoughts and Prayers.
  13. Just wanted to let anyone from Mi know that there will be a benefit show at TNT's in Clinton Twp on Dec.22 & 23, the proceeds will be going to "Toys for Tots". There will be alot of great local talent, including yours truly. So come on out, enjoy the show, and let some unfortunate kids have a beautiful Christmas.
  14. I think I may be missing something, I tried to sign up for this service but when I do a test e-mail I get a reply back saying it failed. Any suggestions would help. Thanks
  15. Well, I guess I became Ordained to make my relationship closer to God.
  16. Hey everyone just wanted to throw out some names of some great Christian Bands. These Bands can be seen Project 86 Falling up Pillar Jeremy Camp Skillet Kids in the way Spoken Sub Seven Demon Hunter Kutless Thousand Foot Krutch Underoath Showbread KJ 52 Disciple Emery These are just a few, check out the website to hear more..... And of course yours truly can be heard at: