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  1. It's great to know that some folks still remember that the holiday observed on July 4th is "Independence Day". Wishing someone a "Happy 4th of July" is like wishing someone a "Happy December 25th" instead of "Merry Christmas". Nit-picking perhaps, but Independence Day is probably the most important observance in American history -- a celebration that is well worth preserving. d
  2. Basically, I became ordained by ULC to perform wedding ceremonies for my grandchildren. (one in Hawaii, one in Henderson, NV, one in Victorville, CA, and one in Long Beach, CA) same semi-religious ceremony for all. I also conducted funeral services for a son-in-law in Las Vegas and a mother-in-law in Long Beach. I used the ordination (though not required) to perform a 25th anniversary renewal of vows for two couples here in LA. I do not believe in the standard, cliched, time-worn, over religious., drawn out, ceremonies usually performed by ministers of various churches. My ceremony has been highly accepted by the bride and groom and those who attended the ceremonies. I will also use the ordination to marry same sex couples, if the laws will allow it.
  3. I've beem a fan of Enya for many years. I have quite a few of her CDs.
  4. My condolences to the Hensley family. May you share your strength during this sad time. Reverend William Fogle