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  1. And to me that is what is for people that are actually disabled or are having a hard time due to not making enough at work or just being laid off and I know from experience that soldiers do not make nearly enough for the job they do. I was a Tanker and I didn't make enough to me to die for that being said I would lay my life down for my country any day. Â
  2. I can not change peoples views and if you like it I love it and wish you the best. Â
  3. and those are the people who deserve it that is what I am saying. I would also point out that everything that just came out of your mouth is crap list some of the untruth please. I have been to the food stamp office and seen and talked to people. Yes there are a few individuals who need the assistance and that is not who I am talking about but if you put those few to the many who don't its not evan in weight. Instead of coming on here and talking crap cause that is what you just did how about you explain yourself and quit getting butt hurt. Â
  4. Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism.

  5. When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put aside childish things.

  6. When you pick a subject as this one you will get heated debate but that doesnt mean that we can not be grown ups about it which I think we have. From my experience it could have gone a lot worse than it has I am impressed once it gets to hot I usually will make my exit before it becomes more than just a friendly debate and more of a hate war but good subject and thanks for the good debate. Â
  7. I understand what you are saying but to worship a Spaghetti meat ball come on you really would consider that a religion.
  8. Reverend V , and I were debating with a co worker last night about this joke of a so called religion Pastafarian and when I went home last night I decided to do research and maybe get a half way decent laugh out of this joke. Only to find that some countries are actually making this a recognized religion. To me this isn't right at all. I respect almost every religion and will not bash anyone's beliefs but come on man a Flying Spaghetti Monster that's childish. So please anyone have any views on the subject. Â
  9. No the evidence is there I went in knowing I wouldn't receive assistance that is why I said I have never tried I might of worded it wrong sorry for the confusion but I have applied knowing that I was not going to receive the assistance and of course was turned down and that is when I started to ask officials of the office questions so if I jumbled my words and came across wrong then sorry. I am not saying that assistance wouldn't help right about now but I still believe in hard work.
  10. Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worth wile.

  11. Really in todays economy and the way the hiring process is set up it doesn't matter if your disabled or any other excuse you can think of you can find a job and a place to live it may not be the one you want but it will give you enough money to survive I know because I didn't always have a cushy job I started out making minimum wage and worked hard until I made something of my self I am a disabled vet and most jobs give you extra hiring points or will move you to the front of the hire list because you have a disability. So now someone will say what if you don't have a diploma well who's fault is that not mine not the guy paying taxes working his but off to provide for his family and another persons he does not even know 10000 miles away. Perfect example my wife tells me all the time when a homeless person or someone in need ask for money we should give them what we can. We were walking through a parking lot and a lady approached us and said that she had ran out of fuel and had no money her kids where almost out of school and she had no one to pick them up can we let her have some money. In the field I work I can tell a crack head from a lady needing gas the white lady was for sure a crack head so my wife not knowing gave her 5 dollars and I said she shouldn't of done that and she said that the story sounded legit and that she believed her. 1 month later same parking lot same women same story my wife looking dumb that she fell for the story I was laughing so hard. The point of that story people are lazy and need to get off their behinds and stop taking charity and start earning money. I know that I put that I was trying to get on it and I couldn't that was just a conversation starter I have never been or will never be on welfare because I have to much pride I would rather go hall hay in 110 degree heat and get enough to live on for a few days than ask you and yours to put money in my pocket. I put white lady because although this is a religious site there are still race issues among people on here.
  12. I wouldn't post a comment about research unless I did the foot work and how I can back my opinion up is a few years back one of my so called friends said that the majority of people on assistance are other than white and thats the nice way of putting it. I am white and my wife happens to be black I have mixed kids and to me that was not at all true so I went down to the local food stamp office and took a picture of the inside of the building and the outside sign to prove my point when I posted the pictures on facebook I was atomatically deleted by him. That being said I wanted to research more so I started asking around about who qualifies and who doesn't and that is were I get my info by going out and doing research not sitting on a chair in front of my computer coping and pasting web sites. Â
  13. That was funny thanks for the laugh. Â
  14. The Greatest War is the War Within trying to find your way in the Dark. The greatest Feeling is being brought from darkness to light.

  15. Its true go to an office and ask people if they work or just associate with people who are on it they usually get it spend what they want and then sale the rest for cash which is very illegal and to me that is not right at all. I can understand if your working poor key word WORKING but the majority of people getting support are people lying to the system or just lazy. Â
  16. I understand the system design but its not helping the truely needy its assisting the lazy so what I was trying to say if its the lazy that are getting the assistance then I think everybody should because I am paying their bills when they are just sitting on their butts not trying to help their selfs.
  17. God and Jesus the same or not the same that seems to be the question?

  18. the post about the phone there was no disrespect at all intended wasnt even calling you out but if your a new client you usually get a pretty nice discount on a new phone but I have yet to come out of pocket over maybe 250-300 and I have the latest phone out 800 is crazy thats all I was trying to say. I do make good money infact my wages are publicly known you can find them on the BOP web site which to me is unfair and an invasion of privacy but back to the post yes I applied because again I have a lot of bills to pay and I am the only one in the home working and supporting my family which a lot of people that are on the assistance do not do all I was saying is the assistance should be equally weighed not by your annual or monthly income but by your current situation and work history. If you have someone that has been on assistance for 1yr because they were laid off thats cool but someone who has been on it more that 2yr and hasnt had a job your pushing it because I know for a fact that there are job openings at fast food restraunts or walmarts around the U.S. so I cant find a job is just a lazy mans excuse. Give the assistance to a man who is going through hard times either just being let go and trying to find another job or to someone who is the only provider and actually needs the help. and yes the monthly bill is expensive I think I pay maybe 195.00 but that is with the price of my Ipad added on to the bill as well
  19. . To this post I personally went to try to get government assistance I work for the Feds and I make a pretty good amount of money but I was denied. They said I made to much money. Now I am all for making too much money but when you have people in there with Iphone's NEW not out dated ones and 17 kids (the only reason they have that many is for more money) and a brand new vehicle better than mine outside I think they are over qualified for the assistance of the government. In fact it makes me downright mad that being a father of two supporting my children and wife (that is currently in college) and all the bills fall in my lap granted I make good money but I also have a good amount of bills and the assistance wouldn’t have me living paycheck to paycheck. That being said I think that the people who need help need to get a job first then get help from the government and there should be a rule that you only get assistance if you currently work
  20. You got bent because I have at&t which in my opinion is the most expensive out of all and my wife walked out with an older Iphone for only 99 cents granted it was just an Iphone 4s but still an Iphone so you can go cheap
  21. Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselfs up.

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      If we rely on others than we are just crippling ourselfs in the long run.