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  1. The Bible says that the times of speaking in tongues and performing other miracles will cease ( I Corinthians 13:8) and that miracles were used to confirm the Word ( Mark 16:20). So, if there is still a need for miracles, then the Apostles, Christ, etc. failed in what they were attempting to do, while they were here!
  2. I think a great deal of it comes from envy. ULC has been around a while and has kind of set the standard and now there are others trying to put us down or draw our members away and start their own organization, patterned after this one! ( I've had this happen to me! This guy kept flooding my email with stuff that was similar to, but not EXACTLY the same as ULC. ) If you're not being attacked, then no one sees you as a threat and therefore, no one messes with you but if you're being effective at what you do, then some people will see that as a threat and either attack, insult or try to copy you and your work!
  3. +1 !! Excellent point Brother!! The scripture you gave is exactly what I was thinking!! There are many scriptures in the book of Proverbs, concerning the lazy and those that don't work! Then there's that old saying, " An idle mind is the Devil's workshop!!