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  1. If you consider the fact that we do "Minister" for an agent we call God or the Creator, then it fits us. We minister to others! In that way, any and all may use that term. The term "Reverend" has us appointing ourselves to be seen as being "Revered"! So much for piety! LOL Rev. Cook
  2. I think one must first know if one is a Believer of Follower of a Faith/Non-Faith. If one is brought up in a Faith, they tend to become a follower when later in Life they start thinking for themselves. They may have many doubts, but, stay on due to Family and Social pressures. Forced converts will always be made up of mostly Followers. Act like you believe, or else! As to those that find a site such as this! I would think that a lot of soul searching was done and may still be on going. Many here are awaiting more info. Rev. Cook
  3. If "ALL" Religions would follow a simple rule, "Do what you will so long as you do no harm!" Women do not always share a view of matters that many men do, but, men find ways to get along! And, Visa Versa! My way or the high way can only lead to conflics. Brotherly Love should be more than a glib saying. Unhappily, Religion and Power too many times go together in setting rules and behavior. Rev. Cook
  4. I would not put your friend down because he is just a normal sheepy. From an early age, we are taught to trust the judgment of "Adults"! That has us believing that all properly designated Adults are to be looked at as athorities. I eventually came to the belief that there are no Adults! Only older children. Some are mature in their thinking and actions, and, some are lesser so. If these people we were suppose to look up to were so knowledgable, why are there so many differing view points? And, why so many Religions? I came to the conclution that they were all striving to find the answer to the question, "What is the meaning of Life?" None of the pervaers of any Religion can point to irrefutible proof that says that they have found "The Answer"! By that reconing, I have as goos a chance to come up with my best guess on my own. No one has all the answers. I am free to pick and choose among them and "Make up my own mind and compile my own set of beliefs!" As such, I, like others here, carry my Religion within me. I am a minister of these beliefs. Not the beliefs of others that they put forth as the "Only Official Beliefs!" We walk our path alone,but, next to others walking their own paths. Peace to all in your travels. Rev. Cook
  5. We'd like to Welcome you to the ULC forum! You are valued as an individual h-ere, regardless of which particular Spiritual Journey you are on. We look forward to getting to know you better. We hope you'll join in the many discussions under the numerous category headings. Our main goal is that everyone feels at home while here and has an enjoyable experience! Blessings of Peace, Al

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      I am always looking to expand my knowledge.

  6. If you are in a group of people and disaster of some kind strikes, all will look around them for help. If you are the only one with a Title before your name that sounds like you might be of help, you are elected! You can not hide or run away! You can not defer to some one else the implied duty that goes with that title. This is but one of the cost that comes with your title. Be ready! Your day may come.
  7. This is a question each and every one here has asked them selves many times. I will re-phrase the question to ask what does your religious title mean to you. We live in a World that likes Titles! Job descriptions! Names that show your Status in the Society! They mean something to us also. I was an Inspector in a machine shop. My title of "Inspector" gave me the right to pass judgment on machined parts and assemblies.If I had"First Piece Inspector" added to my job title, I gained the right to inspect and accept the initial set up of a machine and to OK it to begin a production run. It was a bump in job status. As regards the World Of Religion, a title of Rev., Friar,or Rabi, allows you to have your Religious Opinion seen as "Official". People are more inclined to listen to what you say than if you were only a "Lay Person". As to how it can affect us? We now know that what we say and do, from the day we add a title to our name, will be seen from a differing point of view than before the title was added. Our words ans deeds will carry more weight to many people. Plus, we officially post our beliefs when our title is part of our official and legal name. We, in affect, come out of hiding. Even to ourselves! Can any of us ever look into a mirror and not see some one we did not know was there? Some may wonder if they can live up to that title! Others may choose to keep it silent! All will be changed by it in some way. I look in my mirror and see the "Rev. Cook". I am still pondering just who I now am. A work in progress I think. And, so I shall remain! Peace be with you all as you search for who you will become.