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  1. Thank you, ULC and Henlsley family, Keven, Amy , all the members past and present of the ULC, and forum for standing up for our 1st amendment rights , Here is to 55 years going strong
  2. The 11 temple Deities 


  3. Shrine of the Irish Oak's altar 


  4. Welcome to the ULC forum! We're glad you could join us! It's always a pleasure to meet new people, thus new perspectives, regardless which Spiritual Path suits your needs. It is our sincerest desire that you find comfort, support and understanding through our many diverse views and discussions. Blessings of Peace, Al

  5. if you will not be handling lots of money, you can start a small group right away, then after it is running good then send off for the charter also there is a place for new congregations to list themselves on www.ulc.net
  6. I had alway had a calling to be a priest but years ago there were no "pagan" seminaries around (there are now but outside my price range) I became a ordained minister thought the ULC then set about setting up a small Celto-Roman temple and doing research on this my chosen path, I wish to thank the ULC for making this possible. we do call our temple a congregation of the ULC but have yet to officially get a charter (but soon will) Blessings to all, Di vos incolumen custodiant Fr. Nathaniel Hunt aka Wolf Paradox