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  1. As an Arizona minister, I will answer your question as it pertains to this states. A marriage license issued to couples are valid for one year from date of issue. Couples can get married in any county within Arizona, but the license must be returned to the clerk of courts that issued the license within 10 days by the officiant performing the ceremony. So the answer as it pertains to getting a license from Arizona and getting married in another state, no this can not take place.
  2. You might try googling wedding ceremonies. Thousands of ceremonies are on the web free for the taking and you can choose what interests you and print it out
  3. I go nuts when I'm standing in line at a quik stop and the person at the head of the line has a need to put all the change from his piggy bank on the counter and count it out for the cashier. This happened one time with 15 other people in line. My son turned to me and said, dad they do not have any baseball bats in here for you to use, so you will have to control yourself.
  4. i have been in the process of getting a church up and running and am extreamly close. We have found a wealth of info on this ULC sight and have also formed a board of directors with me being the president, my wife is the secretary (she is also ordained with ULC Hq, altho her ordination doesn't matter as only one person on the board should be a minister) and a treasurer not ordained. The ULC Seminary has all the documents ie. by-laws, resolutions and the such you can use and adapt to your own needs.We have registered the church name with our Sec. of States Office and also have an EIN# from the IRS ( this is free through the IRS and also registers the church name with them).We have been working on a web sight you can get free from many different web site providers, ( we went with Yola )and it's very simple getting a web site up very quickly. Search the different ULC pages and you can find what you need to start a real church. The only thing left for us is an actual building, but we are looking at one the shows promise and it may happen very soon. PM me if you need any additional info on this and I will be very happy to help.
  5. Only been ordained here since March 28, 2012. About a month into my ordination decided to go all out and start a real church. Did a little searching through Google and have already been issued a Reg. Trade Name (DBA) from the Sec. of States Office, received an ein# from the Internal Revenue Service, printed up wedding contracts, created a board of directors, drafted our by-laws, declaration of faith, opening resolutions,downloaded and filled out the necessary forms to go 'LLC" (for the future) talked to the Modesto HQ. yesterday and will be receiving our Church Charter (congregation agreement). Have also purchased a number of books (ie) Minsters Handbook, Star Book of Ministers, Funeral Service Handbook, Wedding Handbook. Have a number of marrage, baptismal, affirmation certificates. Have just about everything in place. My home is our church for now we have (8) in our congrgation at the moment and will get a church building in the future if needed. All this was done with a little searching in my spare time -at- night on the computer ( I own a business here and work 7 days a week from 10am-6pm) You can do it if you want, in very little time, if you have the desire. Not hard at all.