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  1. I've grown accustomed to the look, so it doesn't really bother me. But I wonder, don't communities have some right to define what acceptable dress? Isn't shaming one of the oldest and least detrimental forms of punishment that communities use to enforce community norms? If having your pants low is ok, is there any line that can't be objectively crossed? Is topless ok? What about bottomless? Should it be completely acceptable to be completely nude in public? Tolerance is no virtue when it tolerates the intolerable imo

  2. Hi Bill,

    I've been intrigued by Urantia off and on for a number of years. However, I've read that science disproves a number of ideas posited (I recognize that science is fluid and the "facts" of today are the fictions of tomorrow and vice versa). How does Urantia ovecome the scientific criticisms like those found in this article (under the section titled "Critical Views": http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Urantia_Book

  3. I found a paperback at the thrift store that I thought was really interesting. It's called Sri Isopanisad by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. It's a book used by the Krishna Consciousness Society (the Hare Krishnas). It's very interesting and enlightening but what I'm most interested in is at the back of the book, an ad for a book called The Higher Taste, a Hare Krishna cookbook. Online, many folks say it's their favorite vegetarian cookbook. Anyone here have any experience with it?

  4. hmmm...what is the difference between "being wrong" and "doing wrong"? It has been often remarked by theologian, philosopher, and mystic alike that the human condition is rife with imperfection and fallibility. Thus, being wrong is probably characterized more as an inevitability than a right. Of course, I could be wrong about this. But continuing in the lane, if thoughts are the genesis of action, if I am wrong about my perception or conception of reality, then it follows that "doing wrong" is also best characterized as an inevitability rather than a right. Even if I am right in my thinking, my own physical imperfections will probably mean that even if I am inclined to do "rightly" I probably still lack the ability, which again reinforces the idea that "doing wrong" is an inevitability.

    As for rights, we probably define what kinds of rights we're talking about. Do we mean legal rights or natural rights? As for legal rights, we are free to do everything not validly designated a crime or infraction. So in that case, we are able to do some kinds of wrong. As for natural rights, if we subscribe to Lockean theory, we have liberty to do anything that does not violate the right to life.

    Then there's the whole conundrum of what we mean by "being". Are we speaking existientially? Or do we just mean being mistaken? I need a latte for this...

  5. No, l am well over 18 but I am still not assumed to be mature enough to run for president by the constitution, the highest legal authority in the land, at least not for another 4 months, and no case was made or required for that. The same is true for the offices of US Senator and Representative, and until it was amended relatively recently, the constitution assumed 18 yr olds were not mature enough to vote. All states assume that 18 yr olds are not mature enough to buy or drink alcohol. Obamacare assumes you are not mature enough to be required to buy your own health insurance until 26 and requires insurance companies to allow parents to keep their children on their policies until then. This works in the opposite way as well. Contract law generally allows parties 18yrs old or older to enter into contractual agreements and may make contracts voidable on the basis of minority if one or more of the parties is under the age of 18. Doesn't mean the contract is automatically void but it does allow the minor party the choice of ratifying the contract upon reaching 18. As far as the marriageable age goes, most states allow 18yr olds to marry without parental or judicial consent, but not all. In NE you must be at least 19, and 21 in MS. Then there's the whole issue of trying criminals as adults, which has been done as young as 12 in some cases. A number of states will not issue certain professional licenses to folks under 21. And then theres judges orders which are all over the place. My parents' order of divorce allowed me to pick the parent I wanted to live with as soon as I reached 13. The law is rarely easy and never simple. I would recommend never using the law as the benchmark for right and wrong. It does a poor enough job at establishing what is legal and illegal. Lol

  6. Awesome G! Thanks for sharing this. I've always been fascinated with Wicca and paganism. One thing though that gets lost sometimes is the reality of the divine, the personality of divine. So often in books that I've read, the gods come off more as math formulas that when plugged in for a particular task, then a certain result can be expected. That can come off as a little dry and is a problem in many faiths, especially in some more "prosperity gospel" forms of Christianity. While certainly this kind of thing has its place, it's refreshing to see that at their hearts these faiths are about communing with deity. God(ess) is not an app, but a person who wants to know and be known. It's like the saying goes, when you bow to the universe sometimes the universe bows back. Many thanks for opening up.

  7. Salem, those were amazing experiences. Thanks so much for sharing. You have such a personal connection with your Gods! It's also great to see that your interaction with Cernunnos is facilitating the healing process for you and your relationships with men. Very cool!

    By way of follow up, would people say it is a common occurrence in Paganism to have these kinds of experiences?

    Also, early on in my own journey, I would sometimes share how I heard God's voice or saw a vision and I found that, with some Christians at least, they would become very angry or dismissive when I said that and would even, on one occasion, say it was the devil speaking. I quickly learned to stop sharing. Is this a theme in the Pagan community? I have, out of curiosity, visited a few pagan forums and noticed a fair bit of argument on a great number of things. sort of a "no, no, no, you're doing it all wrong" type thing (which certainly isn't exclusive to pagans, I don't even go to Christian forums since it's a little like being thrown into the inquisition). But I can't recall this sort of thing being brought up.