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  1. How is giving an honest answer a question asking for his opinion on a subject posed in an interview tantamount to throwing the first punch? And why should the second punch be silencing him, depriving him of his livelihood, and boycotting anyone who does business with him? Seems rather unjustified and hypocritical to me. For someone who speaks so passionately against divine punishment, you have don't have much of a problem with retribution from human sources.

  2. Nope, it's been a rough patch but not without its blessings. I've learned to trust in God and not sweat the small stuff. I'm not where I thought I'd be, but I'm where I belong I suppose. Let's just call 2013 the year of "it is what it is" and let's hope that 2014 is the year of "it's all it can be". Thanks for your support SB.

  3. Censorship of religious views is disturbing whether done by the government, corporations, or lobbyists for gay rights. If someone espouses beliefs or engages in a lifestyle that is unpopular, why is it so often that the first reaction is to silence and marginalize them? Is anyone's leg broken by these beliefs or lifestyles? Look, I get that homosexuals will probably say that nobody had a problem with it when it was happening to their community. And that's certainly true-but is revenge really the best motive? I like what Gandhi said: "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

  4. It is certainly the minority view Stormbringer. Origen, one of the most famous of the early father, declared heretics centuries after his death for his belief in the pre-existence of souls an total universal reconciliation where even the,devil and his demons would one day be saved, believed in the possibility of reincarnation. Here's an article on scriptural support for reincarnation: http://reluctant-messenger.com/origen3.html

  5. Freedom from and of religion are both protected by the first amendment. State actors may neither restrict or compel participation in religious activities and may not use tax money for the benefit of a faith group working in a solely religious capacity