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  1. An entire album at once about Bush War, no, but I know System of a Down have probly written an albums worth of songs against the War and Bush is indirectly mentiond in one (that I know of) "lies from the tablecloth". Green Day also, not as many but they spread the cause for Bush War around a little more and if you include those songs there'd be an album.
  2. Well, I heard of American Gothic, didn't miss an episode, I loved it. Ended much to soon. As well as LEXX, loved the 'new' Zev, alot more personality, and who could ever get enouph of Kai. The actor that played Stan was really good, I wouldn't be supprised if I've aready seen him in other stuff and just not realized it. But, it was pretty far out there for alot of people. Firefly and Farscape, why? Never get those cancellations. Two other sci-fi shows I liked, gone to soon Cleopatra 2050 and Space Precinct. Even tho the number of episodes were in the thousands, Dark Shadows ended to soon for me. And the utimate of untimely demise; The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. How I wish I could at least see them again, just so I could get the jokes I was to young to understand the first time around.
  3. I've like every movie I've seen with "Demon" in the title. Two I remember well I don't know the exact titles but one was an oldie set in a theatre and the patrons were getting "converted" one by one. I think it should be a classic. The other was fairly new with a group of kids having a party at an abandon mortuary built on a part of ground the natives say was evil. Kids were "converted" one by one and to escape they had to get over the wall around the property. I'll look around maybe I can find the complete titles, I haven't seen them in so long I probly like to buy them anyway.
  4. Yeah, that's the sound. Thanks for the link and what an appropriate name.
  5. Actually, that's my favorite also. I heard it on Links' World Music show and been looking for "Karma" ever since. I found the first release, but that song isn't listed. The second is no where to be found. My favorite Marley song is Duppy Conquerer There is a new group/person I keep hearing on the radio but haven't caught the name. It's a mix of reggae and metal, I love it.
  6. My favorite is Too Wong Foo...Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.
  7. If it gets to tv, i'll watch it then. i wasn't impressed with the previews. I like the Sci-Fi channel remake of Battlestar Galactica though.
  8. Ray Bradbury always tells a good story......I still think of that poor house once in a while. I reread Kate Wilhelms' Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang. When I first read it (1977) I wondered at what could bring about such circumstance, but now its all to disturbingly easy to see.
  9. I saw it and though entertaining I figured out the end before hand also. It wasn't scary for me but if you did believe in magic, it's a good cautionary tale of why novices shouldn't meddle.
  10. Seen the previews yet? They look awesome. Can't wait!
  11. I saw it late too, just couldn't get away. Was worth the wait, I liked it. Hope they do the rest of the series. I haven't seen the original series for many years so I can't say if I liked it more or not.