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  1. is contemplaiting why in so many religions that teach love is there so much hate.

  2. happy belated birthday......just took a look at the callender.

  3. St. John the Baptist is also the patron saint of the Templar Knights, as granted them by Benard of Clairvoux and Pope Urban II. He was also the patron saint of the Cistercian Monks, whom Benard of Clairvoux was part of, and of sheepheaders. In some beliefs John the Baptist is placed above Jesus as the Messiah, as is the case of Mandaeans, a small sect in rual Iran. There is a whole conspiracy theory behind it, but that is another story.
  4. is content with the way things are right now, tomarrow is a new day.

  5. I know just what your talking about. We used to live in a 900 sqft apartment, and with two adults and two teengagers, things got crowded real quick. Also, because we were moving from a 1500 sqft apartment, and had tons of stuff we enheirited from our parents and grandparents, we just had alot of stuff. I try to practice my meditation every morning, but being so crowded, and people moving around getting ready for school, it became difficult. I could, however, go outside and meditate without too much interference or herassment. Needless to say, we have moved into a bigger apartment, downsiz