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  1. Hello, although I was Ordained on 8/11/2003, I am new here. Happy 55th Anniversary President Hensley and Staff. My sincere well wishes to you in the future. I have always been a Believer in the fundamental, universal doctrine of absolute religious freedom for all peaceful people. I am truly privileged to be amongst you my Family.

    If I may, I would like to send my Blessings to our Brothers and Sisters in Las Vegas. There has just been the deadliest mass shooting in US history. At least 50 people are dead and at least 200 injured. I am a Feeler and my Heart is hurting. Brother Kevin, besides praying, what should we do? I wish I could go there and help.

    1. Brother Kevin

      Brother Kevin

      It is a challenge for all people with hearts.   Everyone must find their own way to answer the "what to do" question.

      I come from a background where I was exposed, in my job, to a lot of violence and the dark side of life.  So I learned some coping skills that were effective, and also some things that were not good to do (like blocking out feelings).


      One thing that helps for me is to allow myself to experience that logical perspective.  There have been 530 murders in Chicago alone in 2017.   But they didn't happen in one day, from one man shooting into a crowd.  So were their lives less of a loss, simply because they didn't die along with 57 others in a dramatic way?   530 souls lost to murder!    In one city alone.

      Maybe that makes things worse for you. I hope not.  For me, it helps me realize that this is just a part of the world we live in, and among the many horrific ways demonstrates our capacity to be inhumane to one another.   It has been like this for a long time.  Nothing has changed.  And there are also many wonderful loving people in this world.

      Sadly, it was not even the deadliest mass shooting in US history: