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  1. Intro_to_Christ_2.wmv I enjoyed this, thought maybe some one else would.
  2. Some time you can retrieve it by clicking on the bottom where it shows where you have been. If that don't bring it up I am afraid it is in the Internet air ways, in the lost letter file. What I have started doing if I am writing a long letter is about a fourth of the way through I click save and file it in draft, then after writing more I click save and that is added to what I have already saved, that way if it decides to go to LaLa land I have a copy. I hate rewriting letters. Good luck, I know it was an important letter I have been reading your posts. Janette
  3. I became Ordained because my Husband sings and plays the guitar and I sing and minister. When ever we went to a church where we were not known, we were hardly recongnised until they heard us. Then they loved us. Since I got Ordained,we receive much more respect and we are often wanted to be heard as soon as they meet us. Our message or singing isn't any different, I just happened to be licensed now, and because of it we receive recognishion. Getting the Lords word out is our goal. Thank you ULC. Janette