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  1. Happy day of birth to all on this fine day!
  2. Bannana Cream,, but only from the pie shop called> "Flying Saucer"..They make the best pies around! They are the pie specialist and deliver state wide... you have not eaten a pie until you get one from the Flying Saucer.
  3. Gee, it sounds as if you are not trying to make your place in those feilds. It sounds as if your depressed and your expectations have run dry. If you seek to promote your abilities, you must research the where abouts of the demand. As far as all those degrees, business cards, etc.. If this makes you happy displaying it on your walls, you will find the room, but I am guessing you understand that those things are just materialistic and the paper it is written on is just basically a tree product.
  4. The only way this world will pass is by mans hands only. The final war, total destruction with atomic weaponry. As far as a super nova, I seriously doubt that happening. People and their rediculous rumors,lol.... The more people carry on about, it's almost like they want this to happen..
  5. Well it seems your day starts off busy....When I awake at 5:30 am, I am wishing I had atleast 3 more hours sleep, then I actually lay there in a dumbfound state with out movment until the last second needed to walk out the door. LOL
  6. six six six.....lol Thats like saying friday the 13th is a baaaaad day,,,lol They are just numbers and with it old wifes tales. I do not have a lucky number. I do not believe in luck but rather intended. Meaning things happen for a reason and they happen for no reason.
  7. Hmm, well after being ordained I went to the Comptroll's office and received a business tax permit. (Business name obtained, woot woot!) I am wating for my spouse to receive her BA in Microbiology next year and we plan to move to the country. There I plan to sale caskets, preform weddings and if can open a country Inn for newlyweds.