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  1. Feeling better for now! Wooo! Baking pie!
  2. Guilty as charged. As an olive branch I'll tell you what I can pray in good conscience and what probably more people here could pray in good conscience, and what I encourage you to pray -> that God's will be done. Then let God sort out what the will be and how it will be executed.
  3. Erm... no. Wicca is a beautiful religion and I'll be praying for God to give them peace in their present convictions. You might be interested to know that by invoking the 'power of prayer' to guide another individuals beliefs to be more in line with yours, effectively circumventing free will through spiritual pressure, you are in fact practicing a form of witchcraft that even most witches won't touch with a ten foot pole for fear of being interfering in a damaging way. You see, they acknowledge their power to influence others with intention, so they also acknowledge the responsibility not to abuse that power or get cocky with that power.
  4. My jaw used to get stuck open. It actually locked once and I had to go to the hospital to have an injection of relaxants into my jaw before the island surgeon tried to shut it again. He was in the process of calling for the helecopter to take me to the mainland for emergency surgery when the drugs kicked in and my jaw snapped shut. Then he showed me how to reach into my mouth, pull down and push back to rehook my jaw if it happened again. I had to do that for years then the past three years since I started doing the excercises I was shown my jaw hasn't dislocated to that degree again, but I have had pain. Neck alignment affects jaw alignment, which is why the stretches I was shown by the NHS specialist help. The pain is never localized. The pain radiates either up from my neck to my jaw or from my jaw down my neck. When it's bad it radiates further down my back. When it's very bad it radiates accross my face my includes earache and sore throat, nausea, and loss of appetite. It's doing that at the moment. When it's very very bad I won't be sitting here typing or contemplating whether forcing down breakfast might help a bit, I'll pop some opiates and be sitting somewhere crying and just waiting for it to pass. Might lay down, but laying down won't help. Might put some music on to distract me. Also my ears are popping alot, but that's just the pressure. Even when it's rather mild I feel a little motion sick. I'd happilly accept Reiki. Thank you.
  5. I googled it and I can get it in the UK legally.
  6. I think it's mostly my joints but the pain causes other muscles to tense up. On the bad days medicines haven't been working anymore. I've started taking fish oil last week, I think it's too soon to judge the effect. I'll look into the glucosamine, I've not heard of it before. I've had temporomandibular joint disorder since I was a teenager - which is fancy doctor speak for something wrong with my jaw. Doctors have only very recently, within the past 5 years, started to acknowledge and do studies on weather triggered pain. Prior to this patient complaints have been concidered largely anecdotal rather than diagnostic; which has sucked. Since the pain has been getting worse I've been keeping a pain diary to take to my doctor so that there will be a record of frequency and severity that can be correlated to weather patterns. Recently I've been able to find more research and theories regarding weather related migraines. This leads me to believe that this is becoming less of a fringe problem and more people must be coming forward with weather related complaints. I currently have some very strong addictive pain killers which I have only been in enough pain to take twice - both times they just took the edge off. Not that I really want to be dependent on drugs anyway. Often the pressure will build and build and build - then flash, thunder, downpour - instant relief coupled with a few seconds of vertigo - then my stretches work again and things snap back into place with a blessed crack and pop and I can be pain free until the next time. I'm sure there have been times and cultures where sensing weather changes in such a manner might have been beneficial - but not this one! Tonight is shaping up to be an unpleasant evening unless *fingers crossed* we get more rain.
  7. For some time now shifts in weather have been accompanied by moderate to crippling pain. It's getting old now. The simple stretches that used to help me are doing so less and less.
  8. When I make my bubble I'm focussed on the bubble itself, and the positive energies being summoned. Salem taught me years ago when I was struggling with psychically crowded on campus and in the city. The meditation has helped me immensely and allowed me to get back into a mindset where I could peacefully hear my own thoughts rather than constantly feeling the presence of others pressing in on me. I've also used it while commuting to expand the space around me and encourage others not to bump into me. You folks have said that making the bubble of protection puts ones mind on the negative and draws the thing one wishes to avoid in. But in my experience when commuting gets bumpy I just insta-summon the bubble and the flow of people directs itself around me at a wide birth. Now I'm the only person I know who actually enjoys commuting and doesn't struggle with the jostling from point A to point B with a smile on my face! Maybe my body language changes slightly, maybe it's chemical, maybe it's energetic, but is sure works! .... Now I'm going to go read obsessively about Huna because it looks awsome. And threads like this are why I LOVE this place. I learn so much from you people! p.s - Do you folks have any meditations that could assist with atmospheric pressure illness?
  9. I quite agree. There is a heat, a mutual awareness exchanged between beings in proximity to one another. Animals can sense and react to how eachother and how humans are feeling based on the chemicals we release - and we can adjust/control what chemicals we release to an extent with pure mental will power as we adjust our fear levels, or other emotions, to summon the desired response from the being we are interacting with. Most humans do this on a subconscious level automatically. I don't know if the knowledge that a person has entered the room or is being watched is the result of chemicals, electrical interaction, or both. But I certainly know that my husband sometimes likes to play the hand face game while I'm sleeping. >.< Some irritating classmates enjoyed it at a sleepover as well. Basically when I'm asleep someone puts their hand about 9-10 cm from my face, my head immediately turns no matter how careful they try to be about it. I was none to cheerful to wake up to my head turning back and forth as my friends took turns with their hand on either side of me.
  10. Dr Kevin Warwick -> Freaking Genius XTREME. He is the worlds leading cyberneticist. His pioneering work has put him on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Warwick He is currently a professor at the University of Reading. http://www.reading.ac.uk/sse/about/staff/k-warwick.aspx http://singularityhub.com/2010/03/09/kevin-warwick-once-a-cyborg-now-a-prophet-of-the-man-machine-future-video/ He's done stuff like link up the two nervous systems of two humans (himself and his wife) so that they could 'sense' each others movements and feelings. He has had his arm wired into a robotic arm so that his own brain signals could directly operate it. He has implanted a chip into his brain. He has given himself bat sonar in another experiment. He has surfed the web using direct interface. Anyway, all that is to say that if you surf youtube for his online lectures or features you will find one in which he points out that humans are electro-chemical. He beleives that while presently and in the past we turn to the chemical portion of ourselves for pharmaceutical remedies that in the future pharmaceuticals will be rushing to invest in electrical treatments. He envisions a future in which humans will all have chips in their bodies that will be able to maintain awareness of our physiological conditions for early diagnosis and be able to correct most malfunctioning systems with electronic impulses. Any way - if our systems are electro-chemical, if remote receivers in a cap on the head of monkey can move a robotic arm (can has, peeled a banana), it stands to reason that we human beings have some form of electrical joining when we touch one another. Whether that has any sort of controllable effect hasn't been empirically proven but it hasn't really been empirically tested either. I'm not entirely closed to the possibility and the scientific groundwork for the possibility has been layed. Our chemicals certainly have an effect on eachother and certainly send signals to one another - pheremones. So, rather than asking why our electrical systems would be able to impact one anothers, perhaps we should ask why it wouldn't be able to? The biological precedent has been set.
  11. A friend of mine, when he was very young, thought that he was called 'Cheesus' because he misheard, and for the longest time envisioned 'Cheesus' as a giant mouse, like Mickey.
  12. I suspect you might be jewish. I'm meeting my friend at Synagogue tommorrow.
  13. Do you realize that if the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Christ then Jesus impregnated his own mother?
  14. If the living word is living then then it can speak for it's own gosh darn self without the aid of any written word. You learn about this living word in your own heart and in nature. If you believe then when the written word is taken away all that all is left is ourselves then you must not believe than any real god exists at all. The written word does show us what happens when people depend on what men have written of their experiences rather than on personal observations and personal experiences -> we end up with a book of violence and self-anointed theologies through which anyone can and has justified any politically, human driven evil act and called it holy. In the previous thread it has been shown at length how the current bible has been editted and the situation in which it was formed.
  15. From the liberal point of view the accuracy and integrity of the biblical record are up for debate, and the true God transcends the written word. Living word trumps written word.
  16. That is just one of deh gr8 mysterieses that we canz asks deh Ceiling Cat in hevun.
  17. http://www.lolcatbible.com/index.php?title=Main_Page Genesis 1 Matthew 1 Revelation 1 These pioneers have been working for years to translate the entire Bible, front to back cover, into LolCat. And they've almost finished!
  18. There are some falsified photo's near the beginning of the thread. Does that count?
  19. It appears to be the human-constructed side of a false idea of God, actually, from the liberal point of view.
  20. What it means to believe in the Son is debatable though. If the Son is an actual being present in reality today, and if he is the word written in our hearts, then just listening to our own consciences is believing in the Son. And if he's an actual force at work in the world today then we don't have to agree on the name of that force to respond to the actual presense of that force. A person doesn't have to know the entire history of another person to shake his hand and get to know who that person is at present. Think of how many names a person can have today! Maiden name, married name, nick names, online names, pen-names, professional names... God is not incapable of taking on as many names and identities as a human, what would remain consistent is not how he is known or the name he is known by - but rather the character of the word which is written in our hearts. What it means to be the son of God is also debatable - considering that the christian scriptures teach that we are all adopted by God and Jesus himself said that his followers would perform greater miracles than he, and that mankind would be as united in God as he was, and that we would sit on the throne of heaven with him. Also, if time is truly non-linear and a great big splodge of NOW which we perceive linearly than we are ALL present at the dawn of creation right NOW and just not aware of it. His purpose is met because he is fully human. Whether he was also fully god becomes irrelevant because however fully god he was we become equally fully god and so godhood just becomes another feature of being human.
  21. I have utterly no doubt in me that Bishop Sprong is a devout Christian with a heart full of Christ. However, if I type 'Radical Fundamentalist Christian' into YouTube I get LOTS of doubts about those people.