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  1. A very well put post. I must admit that I do agree with a lot of your points in this post as well. Granted, I haven't the faintest clue about Sithism, I will say that there are some statements made in the original post that I also firmly believe.
  2. You're probably right.... So be it
  3. I just feel that not everything can be cut and dry. What is a subjective opinion to most others (such as the statement of someone saying that he or she is a "good person") is, in fact, the truth to the person who genuinely believes that opinion of him or herself. It would be so much easier if we had a scientific way to measure every aspect and have a control to compare to. But, this is just impossible. I liken it to this, as well: If you have ever had to testify before a magistrate or other judicial body, you may have been required to swear that you will "tell the truth, the whole truth,
  4. Not necessarily, in my opinion. There are truths out there which remain "true" to specific individuals despite of what you and I know or think. Are we wrong, or are they? Even with things such as "truth" and "honesty" there are areas which aren't completely absolute. What may be a truth to me could be just an opinion to you. For instance, if I were to say "I am a good person," there is no way that any one can say that this opinion is not a true statement to me. You and the rest of the world may and would probably disagree, but if I hold my statement as "true" and honestly believe that it
  5. I'm going to agree with this statement. Ultimately, "truth" is only as true as the depth of our knowledge. Sometimes, what we have always held as true is indeed revealed to not be. I personally believe that "truth" is therefore transparent.
  6. Welcome to the boards! There are numerous people of numerous beliefs here, so feel as though you are amongst friends here.....
  7. One of my favorite guitars that I ever had was actually a Yamaha 120SD. It was a natural finish telecaster style that played as well as any high end guitar that I've played. I loved that guitar, but I had to trade it in when my bass rig blew up. It was the only instrument that I could do without since I'm primarily a bassist (and now drummer). I hate tremelo systems, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me a tune-a-matic bridge and I'm quite satisfied.
  8. Wouldn't mind having a Dot or Dot Studio myself. I have always liked epiphone archtops. I had a Washburn hollowbody that had a great feel to it... if it weren't for UPS smashing the heck out of the neck during shipping. While playable, I couldn't bear the idea of paying so much for a broken guitar and sent it back. I decided that I won't buy anything like that through the catalogs again.
  9. Ibanez... I have been playing an ATK100 4 string for about 13 years.... love it to death. I have also been partial to certain Yamahas (instruments and amps) as well.
  10. Good day, everyone! I am brand new to the forums, and just received the "official" email stating that I have been recorded in the church records today. I must admit that I have never in a million years had ever thought that I would actually become ordained. Frankly, I am Jewish (I refer to it as "by pride and not faith," meaning that I am proud of my heritage but I am essentially agnostic in belief). The reasons that I became ordained is, as a lot of others here, fairly unique. The first reason, frankly, is because I wanted to show my significant other that we can indeed be ordained and tha