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  1. Praise be to Artemis Phosphoros, the bringer of light. May the amphiphontes shine in the darkness. A blessed Mounukhia to all.

    1. Kingfisher


      Hey, nobody ever wished me that before. Thanks! Meh, I could use a bath anyway...

  2. Praised be the twins of neat-ankled Leto; Artemis the huntress and far-shooting Apollon. May they look upon our works with favor and grant us their blessing and protection.

  3. May Hekate the saffron-veiled look upon us with favor this night, and may the ancestors who came before us accept our offerings.

  4. Praise be to Zeus Gamelios and Hera Gamelia. May their nuptial hymns ring out through the halls of Olympos.

  5. It's the month of Gamelion already. Ritual partying is just around the corner.

    1. RevRainbow


      ritual partying? Ill have to look that up!

  6. Praised be Demeter Khloe and Dionysos Botryophoros.

  7. is still exhausted from a busy weekend.

  8. Thanks. It's been a pleasant birthday.
  9. I used to make a pie that consisted of meringue and folded whipped cream flavored with KahlĂșa in a chocolate cookie crust. This thread is making me want to find that recipe again.
  10. I like the taste of medium-sweet mead. As a matter of fact, I'm brewing my own batch of it. I also happen to love the herbal-anise flavor of Absinthe, but as it's more on the expensive side, I try to limit myself to one bottle a year. There are some types of alcohol I can't stand the taste of though. To me, light beer just tastes like a weak hops tea. I also don't like syrupy types of alcohol, such as Rumple Minze.
  11. Hmm, I can make peanut brittle at home, so I suppose I'll take a bar of sinfully dark chocolate with a kiss of chili pepper.
  12. I don't even want to think about it.
  13. I would describe my usual style as comfortable and relaxed, but that could change depending on the mood I'm in when getting dressed though. Lately there's been a lot of dark blues and vibrant purples in my clothing choices. If I'm going out somewhere special, I'll dress according to the theme of the venue.
  14. I've added you to my friends list. I really enjoy reading your posts.

  15. What music is sacred to you? Anything that strikes the right mood for a particular spiritual working. If meditating, I like slow drumbeats or light music. I also have Divine experiences through dance, and trance music and electronica seem to put me in the right minsdet for that, with the bass echoing my own heartbeat. I also practice hula, and get wonderful experiences with Hawaiian chanting. When has music caused you to feel reverence? I feel reverence from music whenever I use it as an aide to my spiritual working. There are a few Christian hymns that can nearly move me to tears though. "Amazing Grace" is one of them. There was another I heard in Catholic school about adoration of the cross that just gave me goosebumps with its imagery. Is here a specific hymn or type of music that speaks to your soul? Hawaiian chanting moves me deeply. Mozart also speaks to me, specifically music from his operas. How important is music to your spiritual practice? Music is a very useful tool in putting me into a meditative mindset. I use the heavy bass of dance music to excite myself into a spiritual level through dancing. And how does the use of music contrast with the need for silence in your spiritual routine? I personally think that silence is an illusion. Our own bodies provide sound through the beating of our hearts. Nature also contains sound, both beautiful and frightening. I harness music because it works with my spiritual routine.