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look up some books at your local library...I saw a couple books ,at, like prayers for deliverance around 10 bucks...The old roman catholic church has such classes and said business was up...use your search engine for addresses of occult supply stores...go to a roman catholic church and get holy water to be stretched outby 2 or three photo enclosed, a occult supply site ...check out .com has stuff like jinx removing oil and soap,and occult bath salts/washes...the has a basic white witchcraft correspondance course,Igrtaduated from ,back in the late 80s...


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the pope of the catholic church declared the yr of st joseph,step daddy to jesus this yr...jesus had a great grand dad named Joachim,his mom:marys  Ds-l2007K1EUEB6.jpg.9a88884093fc94147e7a1f78dbac8382.jpg1771737448_prayertostjosephforemployment.jpg.0b8ab45ea566c35cb6203cfcea9ad1f0.jpg697799811_s-l1600(35).jpg.e47e3c23337e6f74a10a89b9d1c90f12.jpgjohn-of-god-400x277.jpg.836a2c1c18e396f088332cbce2e25520.jpgAD,WHO WAS A CABINETMAKER,AND aNN ALSO KNOWN AS HANNAH,was mother mary s mother...grandma to Jesus on his human side of the family...


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st john of god is a patron saint of thos with cardio/circulatory conditions,From the middle ages,spain/portugal,gotb out of the army,as a mercinary for the pope,started the hospitaler movement.So,hes also a patron saint of medical personnel as well ashospitals and nursing homes,as well as thepoor,sick,old ,and dying... he s the one carrying a sick man above...

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