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St Cajetan is a lesser known Saint , I ran across,you could look up....I believe the article was saying he was called upon to help with obtaining employment,use & type him in...Patron Saint of the Unemployed ,also patron Saint of Argentina,etc

Archangel Micheal is the head angel that warred with satan to keep him from throwing out God the father & taking his,a great guardian angel... 

3.The State Line sign between North & South Carolina,I live 5 miles north of the State line,49 miles west of Charlotte,also within 5 or so miles to the State line.

Some random stock of a church from a photo site online for a  archtype ...




St_Cajetan_810_500_75_s_c1patron st of those seeking work besides st joseph.jpg

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Judas is the same as saint Jude/There were 2 apostles, judes ,one ,Jesus told to go give him up,that he had to fulfill his destiny


To fulfilll his crucifixion ,to be our sacrifice to save us from sin/.All we have to do is accept him as our personal savior & be baptised.

The othe jude was iscariot,while the st jude on this medal is judas thaddaus... This is a Double saint medal with st christopher for safe travel...Depicted with jesus as a child on his shoulder...

St jude is patron of lost and hopless causes,as well as difficult problems  he holds a Jesus talisman /medal round his neck ...

Also the 2 sides of st benedict a exorcism medallion;St Benedict is patron st for kidney troubles,monks,monastaries,all of Erope/the medal is also anti evil,available at amazon too...32e19f4341d946f768e2819edfa9423cb.jpg.85e54a3ea5ea0dbcdc4bb60b26f380f8.jpg

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added materials st george is patron saint of England,also wards off evil.said also to be anti herpes as well/

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I have been researching some saints lately.St Peregrine medal .he is the patron saint for cancer, 2nd leading cause of death.


St John of God is patron of heart patients,leading cause of death,Also for hospitals,hospital workers,Drs ,nurses... He was a Portuguese mercenary fighting for the pope;retired and opened a hospital to care for the poor,handicapped,old,& dying...Founded the order of the Hospitallers,they raised pigs to eat,& sell for their cause,expanded thru out Europe.He was born around 1543 Portugal,on the coast of Spain/


St Raphael was a archangel ,patron saint of healing,st Micheal archangel,too;

also has some aspects of being a patron of the sick,besides collecting the souls of the dead to take to heaven


St Gabriel is archangel,patron of broadcasters,so he could be a patron to preachers doing their services on Sunday in extension ,for extra help.St Blaise is patron to throat ailments try using a PA  ao you dont strain your voice if its a problem...


Patron saints of the poor,St Elizabeth of Hungary;St LAWRENCE,also patron to backpain ,st lucy who is also patron to eye problems,the blind,

St Nicolas AKA Santa clause;st martin de porres,st philomena,st maria goretti,St Anne,Jesus Christs,grandma ,who is patron saint of France ans Canada,whowas married to Joachim,Jesus granddad and father to the virgin mary,patron of cabinetmakers...alsp patron to poor,grandparents/st regina At John of God,St camillus,st Rocco,who is also patron to the  sick...



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