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    I've been on this forum since 1999, was suspended 2 or 3 times I believe, and occasionally go on "hiatus" to take care of personal things. This is one of the best forums I have ever took part of on the internet, and hope it will continue to be so.

    Note: Please check my post thoroughly before replying. If you check, you will see that I attack faulty reasoning. I address statements made, etc. I do not, and will not, resort to personal attacks.

    I'm here to meet friends, that's it. So, no matter how you take my post, remember that deep down, I am speaking to you as a potential friend and not as a condescending jerk as you may make me out to be.

    Once more for those who have a problem understanding: I can seperate the person from the argument. If I disagree with you on an issue, I don't resort to personal attacks or name calling as do many others here on the forum do. I can argue all day with someone and feel they know nothing of a topic, yet understand in another thread that the topic was one area of disagreement.

    So, I can seperate the person from the argument they are making... Can you?
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    Infidel, as well as Marketing Director. I prefer the infidel part better...
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  1. The dreams in which I'm dying, are the best I've ever had...