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she requested to be removed from this forum. Per our policies, once a person asks to be removed, their account is deleted and unable to be reinstated. Futher, such persons who do that are not allowed to return, as doing so causes un-needed melodrama on the board.

If a member requests to an administrator that their account be deleted, or that they are leaving the forum, for whatever reason, it will be handled in the quickest manner possible. PM an administrator, and it will likely be handled within 24 hours. Your account will be removed.

Once your account is removed, it cannot be reinstated. If your account is deleted by the administration due to inactivity, and you return, you will be permitted to create a new account. If you request deletion, and then decide to return, this will not be allowed. There have been many past incidents of people leaving and then later returning. This creates melodrama that this board does not need. If you want your account deleted, you'd better be very sure of yourself prior to asking an admin to delete you. Once the request is received, it will be processed as soon as possible.

The above is a quote directly from the forum policies, which every member is to agree to when registering.

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