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Recently found and bought one of these. Aramaic, Greek, and English New Testament. Very cool because it has the aramaic in two fonts: aramaic, and hebrew.


The intro has a lot of "straightening of facts" regarding aramaic new testament versions: pe**ta, pe**to, and old syriac.


My professors have all maintained the greek nt primacy and shut me down with arguments that appear to be referring to "old syriac", even though i was talking specifically about "pe**ta". Maybe they were unaware.


Interesting about pe**ta is that it could possibly be the orginal dating back to the immediate time of the events. Bart Ehrman and others have said that the earliest accounts werent written for 30 to 60 years after the events which would be false if pe**ta is what they are saying it is.


Very convincing evidence on different ways aramaic words can be translated account for almost all of the greek manuscript variants.

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