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I am finishing lesson 20 in the Master of Chaplaincy. In the lesson it says to "click here" to submit the essay, but there is no link. I tried to email over a week ago to ask questions about the essay, how to email it, but cannot get an answer. When I tried to register at the, it says the administrator is not taking any more registrations. Why? 

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because the last i knew,amy was on sabbatical from the site,and there is no one else answering as an admin.


go ahead and post to the proper site at the seminary,and contact the book store.they should be able to get your certificate to you.


by the way,i tried your link and it worked.

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I know it works, but it won't let me register. It says the administrator is not taking any new members. Strange.

I am not sure where I am supposed to submit the final essay. I don't have a link.

Thanks for your reply. 

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strange.if your a registered member,and i think you are,then you should be able to post your final essay.


go to the seminary site,and post your final essay in the chaplain'll have to let the book store know you have finished your course,and they can direct you to the other site to post final essays.i don't remember what it is. 

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