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Good Morning and Blessings, 


As this Morning starts out let us pray for the for the injured.  I am praying for the people who were victims of stabbings & shootings in and around the United States. Just over the past few days we have had two major incidents just over the weekend. The first in New York City and the other taking place in Texas. In my eyes this is becoming to frequent for us not to be concerned. Regardless of one’s beliefs it is with with great sadness when a person chooses to act in this way. For whatever reason they feel to act out in this way it is alarming. We as faith believers of many faith's but all child of our higher power. It is time we come together as pastors, ministers, rabbis and others to stop these acts of violence. It is my belief this is just the beginning of many more to come. What can we do as a community to stop this from happening again? What part are you playing as a believer of faith? I believe we can come together and bring light to these acts of violence and bring awareness to each. Are you talking about it in your church? Please take the time to share your thoughts with all of us? I look forward to hearing from you on this Topic. Please feel free to also contact me directly to speak about it! 



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I always try to put this into perspective (however hard it is, especially for people directly involved). These are symptoms of "modern" society and have been around ever since. I try to emphasise that we have never - in the history of humanity - lived in a more peaceful time and we should concentrate on that and spread that. Helping others to find their way (to that peace) before they wonder off too far (and commit these atrocities)...

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6 hours ago, Mikec3174 said:

Thank you, for replying to this post. As a person who has practiced living by example for others to follow, I am a firm believer it is going to get worse in the coming day, months and years ahead. One can only pray for the weak minded people. 


Data suggests that you are right (in the short term). It seems to be a cycle (which is in a "downtrend" at the moment) that on the whole (long term) has a "positive" trend (thing are getting better and better). 


PS. And this (opinion, not the facts/numbers) is coming from someone (me) who has been in war twice (in the 90's). And that was a "civil" war (in Yugoslavia) where the atrocities committed have been horrendous...

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