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Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.  I live in Missouri, but my wife and I lived several years in Alaska, where our daughter was born.  I became ordained mainly so I can do weddings.  My work schedule will be changing this summer so I'll have weekends off, and thought that might be a nice side vocation.  As I told my wife, after spending all week in a cold, wet factory, it would be nice to spend an afternoon in a place where people are happy.


After becoming ordained, I've been looking through the various courses offered, and am thinking maybe I could learn more and maybe do more with this.  I've already ordered a few things, including the 'Weddings, Rites and Funerals' book for a little research.  Was thinking about the chaplaincy program, so I could volunteer at local veterans organizations and maybe local hospitals. Would like to hear comments from folks who have completed some of the courses, and your thoughts.  


My ideology is basically that of an open minded skeptic, although I don't begrudge anyone their practices if it makes them a better person. Although I attended church regularly as a kid, I've never considered myself a particularly religious person.  I've met too many people over the years (including members of my family) that use their beliefs as an excuse to be judgmental and exclusionary.  I believe it is up to the individual to decide what is right for himself or herself.  I think the idea of an Interfaith Minister is a good fit for me.


Will stop my ramblings now to say once again, Hello Everyone!

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Welcome to the club!  I like the Weddings, Funerals, and Rites of Passage book for starting points to use to build my own ceremonies.  I just ordered the More... book as well.


I did the Chaplaincy program a couple of years ago, and found it to be useful, but very basic.  There are a lot of places where I wanted more information, but then again, I'm something of an information whore. :D

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Welcome. I was ordained awhile back and recently I've been thinking of doing weddings as well. I've ordered some of the books, they have been helpful and want to take some of the course offerings soon. 

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