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Just here to say..nuts i forgot..oh yeah,i'll be starting my online ministry soon..I'm officially the pastor of Yeshua Heart Ministries now and i'll sooner than later be somewhere in an office or  an empty building or somebody's bedroom giving my first online 'message' to the public..I'm a Christian Pastor and ordained with the ULC since  May 2010..I hope everyone has  had a wonderful Christmas holiday and that the transition from 2017 to 2018 was an extremely pleasant one.It's stilla long ways from Spring and warmer weather(18 degrees currently here in Seagoville Texas) so stay warm everyone and for Heaven's sake remember..DO NOT EAT THE YELLOW SNOW...but there's no harm in writing your name in the snow that way. 

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Hello Dennis, I'm Grzegorz, you can call me Greg, I'm also ordained pastor through ULC since february 2018 (ULC says I'm ordained since september 2017, weird), and I also started online ministry, it's called Brethren Christ Ministry, I have account in instagram and facebook page, if you want you can follow. Stay blessed ;)

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Sorry for not replying any sooner than this..i'll be checking out your online ministry right away..Mine hasn't taken off yet as so many things have interefered in some way or another(The enemy delights in doing those things) ..I'm going to see haed on over to your site as soon as i log out here..Guess i'll fix dinner and sit down and log on to your site..Hope you've had a real great March and i pray that Easter Sunday brings you and yours together for best  spiritual  feast you've ever had(nothing finer than good  food ,family and Christ all in the same room at the same time )

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I too have been seriously looking at starting an online ministry, but don't feel that I am qualified, or have any experience in starting one. I am also seriously looking at also doing an officiating service/business. Just feel like I need more education or training. Hope your ministry is up and running!

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