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  1. Hello Dennis, I'm Grzegorz, you can call me Greg, I'm also ordained pastor through ULC since february 2018 (ULC says I'm ordained since september 2017, weird), and I also started online ministry, it's called Brethren Christ Ministry, I have account in instagram and facebook page, if you want you can follow. Stay blessed
  2. Okay I just sent online question to lawyer and I have to wait couple of days to receive the answer, so in brief, when I'm ordained, I can make for example eucharist? If so, can I do it for myself? I have no wine or host, can I use bread and water or juice? Where can I find instructions of how to perform eucharist, wedding, funeral and sermon?
  3. What do you mean by saying "your country has a quiet few laws concerning marriage"? Well, in my country there are two types of weddings, civil wedding and church wedding, civil weddings are granted by a civil servant, the church weddings are given by a priest (depends on religion or Christian denomination), or a concordat wedding, fusion between a civil marriage and church weeding. I don't know about Polish law, because I'm not a lawyer, but I want to know if my ordination is legal by Polish law. As far as a title, so I can for example choose and be a pastor or reverand?
  4. Well, that would be difficult because unofficially I was ex roman catholic, now I'm attending on lutheran sermons, personally I'm planning to start my own church, it's gonna be hard but with God's grace, I believe I can make it, so for example, I can celebrate eucharist without any hesistation?. As ordained minister, what title I can use, pastor, reverand, deacon, chaplain or minister? because I'm kinda confused
  5. Thank you, well, I just received a email today from ULC that I had been ordained in 19/02/2018 (sorry for wrong data), and I'm little bit confused and worried because I don't know if this ordination is really legit, what's more, I live in country where people actually don't think and don't do that kind of stuff, because majority is catholicism. So my questions are, does my ordination is really legit?, if so, what can I do as a minister?, can I baptize, make sermons, celebrate eucharist, make funerals and wedding?, does my ordination is legit in Polish government's eyes, because ULC seem to be
  6. Hi, I'm Grzegorz, you can call me Greg, I'm from Poland, I was ordained 20/02/2018, it's my pleasure to be among you, I have so many questions to ask, may I?