Prayer for the Victims of Addiction

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In The Book of Common Prayer/Episcopal/Sept 1979 ed,Seabury Press pub/Pg 814 Starts general prayers& Thanksgivings/#56,on page 831 has a prayer for The Victims Of Addiction:


O blessed Lord,you ministered toall who came to you:look  with compassion upon all who thru addiction have lost their health and freedom.

Restore to them the assurance of your unfailing mercy;remove from them the fears that beset them;strengthen them in the work of recovery;& to those who care for them,give patient understanding & perservering love .Amen


An Irish Benediction:May the road rise up to meet you,

                                     May the wind be always at your back;

                                    May the sun shine warm upon your face,

& the rain fall soft upon your fields,

& until we meet again;

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.Amen

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we hear about the opioid epidemic,Adolf Hitler had a shortage of painkillers in WW2.


So,he had his scientists develop Dolophine, a synthetic,Known as methadone /A.K.A.[also known as].


The difference is its 50 cents to $2,50 a daily dose for the generic form of the drug,you will find this referenced at,just type methadone in their search engine.


The detox ,method of treatment lowers the daily dose given ,over say every couple of weeks ,thru about 6 months of detoxification.


On the cocaine,anti depressants are used in the top 4 abstinance programs,but I feel the anti depressants,


at the health food store type outlets are kinder,& gentler to our nodies & minds.


My personal go to for a anti depressant is Whey protein concentrate,not the isolate.It has methionine,phenylalanine,tyrsine ,glutamine ,gaba,among the amino acids that separately could be


purchased as anti depressants ,besides 5-HTP ,which is tryptophan,also used as a anti depressant ,among the top 4 treatments for stimulant abuse as a abstinance adjuvant treatment..


This can also help the other stimulant problems like methamphetamine ,amphetamine type stimulants,...


Also,for pain ,the minerals magnesium oxide apx 400 mg dose can dramatically help with pain,as well as potassium at 250 to 500 mg a day dose ,besides using the O.T.C.meds like excedrin,aspirin,& acetominophen.I hear the Ibuprophen can weaken the heart & I have heart troubles myself ,so I put my Ibuprophen in storage,& coffee helps with the excedrin,aspirin,& /or tylenol  /God Bless us All,Amen,Rev KHBostic,Hon DD,AASc,&SWT/



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I took a Mental Health/Social Work major at a Detroit suburban college.It was a para professional type of major,


where I was qualified as a therapist,under Drs,Masters of Scial Workers & Psychologists.


On Alcoholism,They taught about disulfuram  therapy.Its a drug the court can order a defendant to take under a court mandated program.


It does nothing by itself,but if someone taking it takes a drink,it gives them a severe headache


.2 or 3 more drinks that alcoholics take after that,they better go to the emergency room,or it could be fatal/


They also mandate breatholizers to be installed in their cars,besides things like group& individual therapies ,& AA meetings.


Pop inspections at any time to see they have the disulfuram in their urine specimen ,& could be a call to drop a specimen off in the emgcy room .


The Chinese  make a extract of Southern Kudzu root to lessen cravings for alcohol


.L Glutamine has been known to lessen cravings for alcohol at apx 6000 mg a day


after a couple weeks of taking the amino acid /freeform powder,not the caps .Whey protein concentrate,not the isolate form usually has this amount in it.


Be Blessed,RevKHBostic,Hon DD.AASc,Soc Work & Mental Health Tech

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DMSO stands for Di methyl sulf oxide,it s anti inflammatory ,so it quells physical pain.


Its available over the counter online.


1/2 the Natl Football League uses it for strains ,sprains bruises & muscle aches,arthritis symptoms,etc...I saw some on Amazon ,as much as by the gallon,or just 8 or 16 oz bottles.


The area to be applied to has to be cleaned beforehand,as it goes right thru the pores.


It/ie,the DMSO must be diluted to about 50% strength,using distilled sterile water that usually goes for 2 or 3 dollars at most drug stores.Or boiled & cooled water at home.


We must look at why people get hooked on opiates to begin with,& this may save some from chronic opioid dependency...


Some say ,its pain relieving effects can be as strong as morphine without being addictive ,especially for auto immune conditions.


The City of Chicago School of Medicine & city Hospital has a unique use of it by intra venous administration for car crash victims.


It keeps them from permanent paralysis,by quelling the 2ndary inflammatory cascade that causes more damage.


It was discovered by the Russians.We must only use the health food store variant of it,& avoid the hardware store variety.


Veteranary docs are using it on animals these days too


The type of DMSO to take internally comes in capsule form called  MSM=methy sulfonyl methane.


Scientists & Doctors found MSM is what DMSO m,etabalizes as.Its in health food store type outlets by itself,& also in formulas containing glucosamine &


chondroitin as a triple threat for all kinds of arthritis ,& cancers only early signs seem to be arthritis type symptoms.Inflammation that this quells,makes


cancer more agressive so its also a 2 for 1 here.  There s 40 to 60 million Americans living with arthritis,& related rheumatoid conditions...



.Be Blessed ,rev KHBostic,Hon DD,S.W.T,& AASc/


















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