Benefit Concerts

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The first benefit concert I remember being aware of us was for Biafra  Children. 

It was a long time ago (maybe around 1970)


Anyway, are they a good idea?

ANY help is good.  I get that.  But they do take time to organize (coordination

of schedules etc.) and there are dollars involved to make them happen even if

the "talent" donates their time.  There are always costs involved. 


I once calculated the money raised at a local church bake sale (I stopped by to 

find some homemade goodies) and in the course of discussion I was told how

much they raised the previous year.


I asked how many people donated cakes and pies etc. and took the approximated 

answer .....divided it by the $$ raised and figured out if each person who spent 

money to bring something had just thrown in $15 they would have raised more. 


I have done this over time and often found a donation equivalent to the money 

spent to bring things, sell tickets, flip pancakes or sell coupon books - would

have been ahead to just get the darn donation up front. 


In light of some issues (over time) with funds donated during crisis actually

getting where they are going...I wonder if the benefit concerts are actually

effective?   They raise awareness for sure.  


Do they also raise funds FOR THE CAUSE ....effectively?



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