Creation Stories, Myths, Facts And Fictions - Moving Day!

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Uh oh, Fawzo put me right, no responses in open pulpit, "Experience is a teacher; it's a hell of a way to learn" - Rossington Collins Band

A few eggs were broken to make this omelet (Lynard Skynard crashed and burned, G. DAMN, still, tears.... Here are the "right overs" angels).

Rossington Collins Band:

Sometimes You Can Put It Out -

Don't Misunderstand Me -

Seems Like Everyday - intro, to the Max

Yum, yum, yummy,

So, back to pleasure......

Aloha all from the great state of Hawaii, especially, Honolulu, the cost and corruption and spy center of the Universe. Pilgrims are always welcomed at "me Flat" and my best pal is a great tour guide, a great guide at the zoo here and most excellent art shopper around, for real.

How in the heck do you all do? Are you all ready to swing the "Battle Axes" here in this thread?

I'll start off with this as a Creation story and the one I'd like to be dissuaded from the most, that Anunnaki Created Mankind from Earthly stock, a tricky thing for sure.

Get out your grinding stones and sharpen those axes, here we go on this forum's best ride yet.

So, whom and how were the Anunnaki Created? How old is Creation? Hopefully and with great luck we will have a guest scribe, "CrownsInHeaven", join in and tell us all from a Baptists point of view.

Humanity's Anunnaki Legacy

John B. Wells was joined by author Gerald Clark (book link) for a discussion on his research into the forgotten history of humanity's Anunnaki legacy. Ancient Sumerian tablets describe a race of beings from the planet Nibiru who came to Earth 450,000 years ago to escape radiation from their sun, Clark explained. Anu, king of the Anunnaki, sent his son Enki along with a detachment of 50 to Earth to extract monatomic gold which they could ionize and place into their atmosphere as a radiation barrier, he added.
According to Clark, Neanderthals had been genetically modified by Enki and his half-sister Ninhursag to be a slave labor force. He related an account of the creation of two hybrid Neanderthals that could reproduce to the biblical story of Adam and Eve in Eden, noting the similarities between Enki and his brother Enlil to the serpent and God, respectively. Clark attributed other biblical stories to the Anunnaki and revealed that they continue to walk among us to this day.

If there is a 'spell' check, I'd like to know, otherwise deal with my phonic challenged self thanks...

:cowboy: - Mahalo all for the creds....

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