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The Allman Brothers, interesting choice.

Weren't they all liberal druggies?


I am able to appreciate art and craft without clouding their accomplishments with intolerant restraint and/or castigation. What kind of life would it be without the creative spirit of so many artistic geniuses? Perhaps you are illustrating your own intolerance by projecting it upon others??? That seems the likely case. I am sorry you are such a one-dimensional person. This explains a lot when reading your narrow views on other topics.

Thank you for polluting a MUSIC thread with your triteness.

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You like guitars?

How about Mr David "teach your children well" Crosby the die-hard liberal, criminal, druggy, alcoholic who made millions and achieved to lose it all on God knows what?

Yes, young lady, I saw those dudes in concert years ago, and it was a fantastic experience!!!

I am ignoring your point, as I think it is a shallow and pathetic one. If you want to pee higher on a tree than me, you will have to try harder.... a ladder perhap? :shades2:

I did not bother with your non-musical posts.....but if we are posting awesome fiddle and picken clips, I will advance the cause....

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