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The Monastery (themonastery.org) in Seattle is in no way affiliated with the real Universal Life Church in Modesto, California. Some of their leadership were reportedly involved with the ULC Monastery in Tucson, Arizona which is a long-time, legitimate associate of the ULC. Brother Daniel Zimmerman, president of the ULC Monastery in Tucson, reports that without permission, the group in Seattle transferred the domain name of his Tucson Monastery (ulc.org) to their control. It now forwards to themonastery.org

This has caused a great deal of confusion, and the Seattle group seems to be attempting to suggest to their visitors that they are part of the original ULC, or even that they ARE church Headquarters!

Church headquarters terminated any remaining ties with them several years ago. Ordinations and other transactions conducted with the ULC Monastery since that time are entirely unrelated to the original ULC in Modesto.

Here are some links to stories related to the activities and leadership of the Seattle group, for your reference:











There are some sites out there that are deceiving people, so check your payment record to see who processed your payment. Make sure it was not a site calling itself the "Monastery" in Seattle, Washington as they have nothing to do with the Universal Life Church whatsoever. They have deceptive statements on their website which lead visitors to believe they are dealing with the real Universal Life Church, but they are not connected to the church in any way. Many people have reported sending them money and not receiving anything in return, and any in case, the materials you will receive from them, if any, are not from the ULC and their ordinations are not recognized. There are currently legal proceedings and investigations underway which hope to stop their deceptive practices.

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