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The Universal Life Church issues several degrees, and all degrees issued by the church are recorded in the permanent church records. The church has been in existence since 1959, retaining records of all ordinations and degrees issued since then.

The degrees convey rank, title, or status within the church. They do not convey academic standing or achievement. They are accredited by the International Accrediting Association (I.A.A.), which is the accreditation arm of the church. This means that the course, degree, or title has been approved and endorsed by the I.A.A. by authority of the Board of Directors. If you have questions related to the issuance of church degrees and titles, you should direct them to generalcontact@ulchq.com.

Would I place a ULC title on a resume, application for employment or academic standing? In most cases, I would not. It would not be ethical to represent a degree as something other than what it is in order to obtain something to which you are not otherwise entitled.

For example, if someone with a Doctor of Divinity were to don a white lab coat over surgical scrubs, drape a stethescope around his neck while calling himself Doctor So-and-so offering health screening, he would be engaging in fraud, contrary to the Universal Doctrine. He'd also be at risk of finding himself engaged in a full-time prison ministry!

If the same person wore a clerical collar, offered you a business card introducing himself as Dr. So and So, it would be entirely appropriate.

In some cases, you may be prohibited from listing such degrees on an application, because it relates to a church organization.

In no case would I include such information under the heading of Education, nor as Specialized Training. It would be more appropriate to list these credentials under the heading of Titles, Awards, or Other Achievements. Nor would I use it to meet any minimum job requirement standards.

In some few cases, your status as an ordained minister may be relevant. For example, if you were applying for a job as a wedding minister at a Las Vegas Chapel, you would have to be an ordained minister, capable of performing lawful marriage in Clark County. In such a case, your status as an ordained minister with the ULC would be highly relevant. It would appropriate to include any and all other ULC titles and degrees you have in this situation.

If the employer should suspect that you are attempting to pass off your religious titles as academic training, or to qualify for a pay raise, you would lose a lot of credibility.

The Universal Life Church does not impose a tithe (tax) on its members, as is so popular in many of the big dog churches. Heck, at ULC they don't even pass the plate at Sunday services!

People contribute to the fraternal and financial requirements of this organization in other ways, in whatever way they are moved by Spirit to participate.

One person may bring an offering of brownies & milk to services, while another may offer a refreshing beverage to the celebration of fraternity. On a broader scale, members of the ULC contribute financial support through their support of the church's instructional mission, as well as the Degree, Sainthood, Congregation, Title, and other church related items.

Your support of the ULC Bookstore (www.ulc.net) helps to maintain and promote this historic church. All courses, titles and degrees offered on ULC.NET are the official issue of the original Univeral Life Church in Modesto, CA. In existence since 1959.

Did you know that the Doctor of Divinity and similar degrees are considered "honorary" titles, regardless of the institution which issues the degree? ULC's honorary religious degrees are issued to commemorate your understanding of church principles, and in recognition that you are the world's foremost authority on what you believe.

The earned degrees we offer (those requiring a passing score on a test or completion of written work) further convey satisfactory completion of a course of instruction related to the principles, beliefs and practices of spiritual belief and church operations.

Each degree includes a certificate with printed gold seal, showing your name and the date degree was granted. The certificates are 8.5x11, suitable for framing.

If you'd like to participate, you may visit our "ULC Outlet Store" (online) at


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