The Universal Life Church And The Bible


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The doctrine of the Universal Life Church is two fold:

1) Do ONLY that which is right.

2) Each person has the duty and responsibility to determine for himself

what is right, and to refrain from interfering with the rights of others.

We stand for freedom of religion.

This doctrine, while strongly supported by Scripture and Christ's teaching, does not deny any person the freedom to chose a different path. It is inclusive, not exclusionary. It is not in conflict with anything in the Holy Bible, nor with any peaceful belief system anywhere.

The price of this freedom is that there will inevitably be those who follow spiritual paths which we find bizarre or even offensive. We do not have support or encourage beliefs which conflict with our own individual belief systems. To deny any person the freedom to choose would be to deny some of the very reasons Christ came and died!

The Universal Life Church has many Christians among its ordained ministers, including many who are also ordained ministers of other Christian churches. Our purpose is to come between you and the government, not you and God.

What YOU believe is what is important. Believe it with all your heart, while continuing to grow in "wisdom, and in stature, and in favor with God and man!"

We are united in our desire to seek only truth.

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