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The Universal Life Church is able to provide letters of good standing, and other similar documents which may be required to register with your state in order to officiate marriage. The requirements for each state are different, and the staff at ULC Headquarters is aware of what is required in each state.

Because there is no charge for this service, the church is unable to provide such letters for those who don't need them for registration. It is a very labor-intensive job, as each letter must be meticulously prepared according to requirements that vary widely for each state.

If your state does require such registration, contact the ULC International Headquarters office in Modesto with your request. Please make every effort to do this well in advance of the marriage date so as to avoid disappointment. Contact information for ULC International Headquarters is provided at the end of this message.

The church does not charge for this service, in order to allow everyone to fully participate as a ULC minister without cost. Any voluntary donations you choose to make to help with the cost of providing this service will be sincerely appreciated. Also, please note that a few states require these letters to be notarized. The church will arrange to have the document notarized for you, however you will need to pay the $10 fee for the notary.

You may contact the Headquarters office at:

ULC International Headquarters

601 Third Street

Modesto CA 95351

Phone: (209) 527-8111

FAX: (209) 527-8116


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