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They Killed our children Tommy Johns

Oct 17, 2010

10,000 fold came hordes a marching, arms and banners starkly flying:

Still no quarter gave the throng of soldiers ready 1000s strong-ready but sighing.

For they knew this night would be their last, sent to battle in distant lands;

fighting for a cause unknown, these men and women barely grown

sent to war from behind closed doors of politicians' bellows and roars

as they sat in comfort dreaming, planning plotting dealing and scheming.

Never mind the sound of mothers crying at the thought of their children dying

as politicians sat behind closed doors sending our children off to war.

Brave young men and women gave no quarter as they were led into a slaughter

fighting not for what's right, but waging war into the night,

their loyalty never flagging as crimson stained their pants and tunics,

never to see loved ones again, to die upon some distant land.

And politicians sat a laughing as they did their dirty scheming,

convincing no one thier deeds were good: they undeniably stood as products

of their greed and yearning for power,

not discerning the cost of so many lads and lasses,

whose lives were spent with the clinks of glasses

from politicians sitting behind closed doors,never having to sacrifice

discomfort much less their lives.

Yet the throngs of dying soldiers never dishonored the oath of office

to give their lives, never knowing they were fighting for lies

told behind closed doors and politicians' laughter and roars

of notions and scheming unheeding of the legions of cries from mothers

whose children were sent to die in some forsaken foreign land

killed by politicians' hands.

they killed our children.bmp

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...and what is the nature of the world? Should we succumb to corruption and greed, or should we strive and work toward seeing the promise of this country fulfull its designed destiny-one of hope, fairness, compassion and love? It is necessary to fight might with might, yet we have at many times been duplicitous in our relations with other countries: We railed at the despotism of Moammar Khadaffi, yet we created the despot. Same thing with Iran and the Ayatollah (Khomeini), and countless other political intrigues. There is a book-I forget the name of it, but it cites U.S. involvement in fomenting unrest and anarchy in the midesat as early as 1918. We are not alone, of course-many other countries play others against each other-but should we acknowledge this to be a norm, or should we work toward changing that norm, and steering our country toward realizing the full measure of her promise and potential?


Good to hear from you again...

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