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I fed up with my 2 lazy adult children leaving me to do everything in the house.

I worked all week driving house to house in the ice and snow.

I get a weekend off and I end up working in the house.


I told them how I feel.

Son gone out and daughter stayed in her room


Thing is, now I feel angry at myself for being angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have loads of patience with those who need it.

I am actually thinking of packing my things and leaving them to it.

Please help me to calm my mind...

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Hello Pollux, welcome to the forum :)

Please help me to calm my mind...

True peace of mind comes from within, not from without. I can't make your mind calm, but if you'll allow yourself to relax, you can. Just as I can't calm your mind, in most situations, no one else can disrupt your tranquility unless you allow it. It's all up to you, my friend.

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