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  1. Servant of Shekhinah

    Letter To The Hensley Family

    I am so sorry for the loss of your mother. I lost my father a few years ago and know what it feels like to lose a parent. Time will ease the pain I promise you. Your parents were an awesome display of tolerance, love, fairness and examples of Christ. I know that we will all carry their spirits on in everything that we do. You and your family were very blessed to have her and your father in your lives.
  2. More rainbow colored stoles!
  3. I looked on ebay and didnt see anything I liked. Though there are some that are reasonable. For myself I'd be better off making my own.
  4. I was thinking of making my own stoles. I have a thought out a pattern in my head. I was also going to add some either satin ribbon to the satin stoles in the rainbow colors, or make come cotton stoles and use grosgrain ribbon in rainbow colors. If I can manage to make one for myself for same sex commitment ceremonies I'll post what it looks like and if you'd be interested I could be talked into making more. If anyone is interested.
  5. Servant of Shekhinah

    Why I Became Ordained By The Ulc

    Hi everybody! My name is Cyndi. I was told that I could be ordained online and looked it up and did it in May of 2005. I really did it for kicks, however I am seeing now where this could take me. I am very interested in the healing arts of massage therapy and Reiki therapy and could use this to minister to people of all faiths. I guess I could be an aspireing Minister of Healing. I was raised Southern Baptist and as I grew up found that their narrow minded ideas and methods werent f or me. I had also voiced my desire to become an ordained minister and preach the gospel. A very big no no in the Southern Baptist Convention. I follow my own heart and beliefs now which are a mix of Christianity (which I still hold dear to my heart), and little wicca (new to this and help is welcome). I just applied for my credentials yesterday and they are on the way to me as I type. The reason is because I've learned that I can use this for my paranormal investigations. Yes, I am a ghost hunter. I am also hoping to be able to preform weddings, vow renewals, handfastings and affirmation of love ceremonies.