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  1. Rev.Rainbow, you're definitely the sort of Christian I like. Might I add, I always thought the Antichrist was supposed to first gain power as a man advocating peace. I think of (and it's a shame Occultis is now banned), Darth Sidious from Star Wars who gained power because he was charismatic, unassuming, and he preached peaceful and democratic ideals, when really he was manipulating things, making war, and working to give himself more power. Again, maybe not entirely biblically accurate, but I think it's a fair comparison. So I don't think blatantly war mongering ayatollahs and imams are candidates for being the Antichrist (if such a being ever exists). I do think it would be handy to use the prejudice people have against Muslims to gain power, but that's just what I would do if I was the Antichrist.
  2. I'm going to perform something that'll probably be based on exorcism, though I'm expelling people from my life rather than demons from a body.
  3. I once saw a picture. It was of the World Trade Center, twinkling in the Sun. It said: "Imagine! No Religion."
  4. Or the world might not end at all. Everybody is again so sure of 2012, just like they were sure of June 6, 2006 and so sure of 2000. And the year 666 A.D. The moment Jesus died, they were predicting his return and the end of the world in a manner of months. True there are certain astronomical events tied to 2012. But that doesn't mean that the world is going to end. The world has stood human conflict, war, destruction, and plague. Countless world wars. True, we have not faced the destruction of nuclear weaponry on a massive scale, but even nuclear weaponry cannot obliterate all life on this planet. Even now, cleaner (and equally destructive) weapons are being made anyway. The end of the human race is hardly the end of the world. But I doubt any of these things will come about soon.
  5. Hell yeah! On a nitpicky note, the guy from Needful Things wasn't playing the Devil. True, the policeman called him that. And the man was collecting souls. But he wasn't "Satan." He was more akin to a creature like Randal Flagg or Andre Linoge. Devilish, but not the Devil in the world of Stephen King.