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  1. Best Gal in the Joint

    I've known you for so long,

    Yet each time we meet you're a revelation.

    We were introduced by shared friends

    At a party during a long, hot summer.

    I'd heard about you, of course -

    You had a bad reputation.

    You'd been passed around by my friends

    And used by them.

    And yet - I couldn't resist you any longer.

    I had to at least try you out one time.

    You were just too seductive, too hot,

    Too sweet-smelling.

    I'd have prefered some privacy

    To get to know you properly

    But no - we had to embrace

    Before the entire room.

    I watched as one of my friends prepared you

    Gently wrapping you up like a present for me.

    He gave one last loving lick

    And then pushed you in front of me.

    I held you, oh so tenderly at first

    As I tried to light your fire

    With trembling hands, I succeeded

    And put my lips on you in heady anticipation

    I suckled at you, using only my fingertips

    To support your almost non-existent weight

    We spent several minutes locked together

    As I became intoxicated on your exotic airs

    All this time, you submitted to me totally

    If I had so desired, I could have passed you along

    To another, but I wanted you all to myself.

    Yes, my love - you were that good.

    But everything comes to an end

    And soon, you disappeared.

    I looked around, but you were gone

    Only your scent remaining.

    My head swam from you

    As the others laughed at me

    "Now you know!" they all said

    And I...

    I had fallen madly, insanely in love.

  2. Or...

    My Cat Is Deadly

    A Philip Noir Detective Vignette

    The rain smashed into the office window like a puch-drunk welterweight, throwing it's mass against

    the fragile pane only to pause, catch its breath and then resume its attack.

    I pulled the Yellow Pages out from under the broken table leg, causing the entire table to lean crazily,

    like a dame that's had one too many martinis with her flower-club cronies.

    A balloon drifted indifferently past my open window, the office fan causing it to temporarily alter course

    and bob up and down like a duck with constipation.

    I tossed the empty office bottle into the waste bucket. Just another day shot, another bottle emptied.

    A swell dame came legs first into my office, trailing a scent of violets and wearing a hypnotic green

    ribbon around her pencil-slim throat. She was a green-eyed cat and I was the willing mouse...

  3. ....does size matter in spirituality?

    History has shown that the bigger (and thus more popular) the faith system the more cash inflow, thus easier survival of the faith.

    .....Length of time?

    The longer you adhere to a belief the stronger it probably becomes, as long as you constantly test it in the real world. of frequency?

    IMNSHO, not as important as some of the other guidelines.

    ..........measure of intent or intentsity?

    Being too intense can blind one to flaws that a less ardent practitioner might catch.

    That being said, one who only goes through the motions is shortchanging themselves.

  4. ~ Just wondering, is the 'Thank you' for making you uncomfortable? :unsure:

    I do have other oddness that would probably make ya chafe!

    If ya want.

    Poetry, like many other forms of writing, should be a tool not only for making one feel good, but also one for making one uncomfortable. If one is never uncomfortable, one will never seek to improve themselves by self-examination.

    Therefore, I thank you for making me uncomfortable, since it forces me to re-evaluate who and what I am and what I do. -_-

  5. No not really just typed the "K" instead of the "G" and made myself laugh so hard, I had to leave it for your amusment too.

    I loved it. And, I love how things work out like that so often - a typo here, a word there, and it seems to hit at the heart of what is being discussed without even trying.

    You have to understand, they sent me to be the spy, um I mean the Emmesarry to the ULC. Most of them are afraid of the light. And not all of them are Rennies, some are Star Pirates, Haunters and such. Do you really want a discussion on the merrits of The light of God versus a Light Saber? OH and by the way. some of them really do know how to make a real Light saber!

    Oh, luv - they sound like ULC material to me. Of course, the Admins might not see it that way...

    And your point is? I'm a woman! What good are WENCHES to me?

    AHEM *cough, cough, cough*

    *in small voice* None at all, I suppose *sigh*

    How about something more along the lines of the male persausion? Oh wait, these are my friends I'm talking about. Hows about maybe a trade. I bring some of my friends in, and you bring in some of yours. Then it could get really exciting. wacko.gif

    :D Sounds wonderful, dear. Just one fly in the ointment, though - I have no friends.

    I could bring sheep...

    Are we talking floggers or what?

    Oh, but you're wicked!

    Could be, could be, leather floggers, aye, know what I mean, know what I mean, nudge, nudge, wink, wink?

  6. My Beloved Kink, oh sorry typo King,

    Getting Freudian on me, eh? :rolleyes:

    Thank you for wanting to invite my lot into the ULC fold. But that would be like inviting a herd or flock of Vampires into a sheep pen. Not pretty.

    But think of the fun - the knock-down, drag-out discussions of Renaissance methods of corporal punishment...the wonders of the automatic flush privy...

    The WENCHES, woman...the WENCHES!!! :lol:

    Besides we love buying the zebra. We love the olde ways, paper or parchment in our "Hot" little hands.

    I guess that's a matter of another stripe altogether...