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  1. Ask Murph - he probably burned or flushed them...
  2. Awww, didn't mean any disrespect, luv. Speaking as a former "poet" here, I'm sure you can appreciate the irony.
  3. You have to admit, though... ...the cat-spanking thing was interesting...
  4. And for some of those whose works you deleted they fell into despair; taking to the bottle, laying about in gutters and spanking stray cats. It was ugly, what you did, sir! Ugly! You shall never be forgiven. May your conscience allow you some rest, sir, for the Gods of Bardsville will surely not...
  5. Thank you, m'lady. Yes, very late next week - Dr. Seuss has to recharge his Luv Machine...
  6. Dr. Seuss Gives Up Women The day was wet as fishes As the news came to his eyes He'd lost all of his wishes 'Neath the dark and cloudy skies He'd once had hopes of being just Like every other guy But when his Hope Balloon went bust He sat down and he cried “Oh WHY even bother to TRY?” He screamed out to the trees It echoed down the valley As he fell down to his knees “I TRY to make them happy And I TRY to make them glad But every time I TRY to TRY They end up being mad! They're mad at me for little things And bigger things as well They're mad when I offer them rings Or tell them “Go to Hell!” If I go left, they're leaning right If I go up, they're down When they get all too serious I'm usually the clown Enough's enough! I'll be real tough! I don't need any gal! Of course it might get kind of rough When I just need a pal Oh, heck, I'll get some goldfish At least they have a short life Just like if I would get my wish Along with a new wife For then I'd be in trouble deep My life no longer mine She'd be awake when I'm asleep And then she'd mutter, “Fine!” I know that word from women past It means only one thing: As baritone I've sung my last; Soprano now I'll sing So maybe this is all for good This tearing of my heart; This path of loneliness I walk, This soul that's ripped apart I now have time to swallow And have time for everything In fact, I think I'll wallow In the mud, and then I'll sing! One thing's for sure, I have the cure- No longer will I seek The female of the species- At least, until late next week
  7. Wow. Do you realize how that line sounds? One of the reasons that taoism has survived so long and endured so many persecutions is because it has never been a formally-structured belief. Every recent attempt at classifying and structuring this belief has failed, and I thank the stars for that. No...governing freewill is like charging for free love...
  8. Only because he and Connie are goombahs - otherwise he'd be all over this topic just as he is everything else.
  9. That was a really sweet comment you left me - thank you!

    As for forever - what was it Queen sang? - "Who wants to live forever"? :>)

    I think as long as I'm not mugged by a couple of kids again I'll be around for a while...

  10. Nice to see you back, m'lady!

  11. Thank you m'lady - you are quite an amazing creature yourself. :>)