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  1. is broadcasting Astreaux World on

  2. October 22, 2010 Astreaux World & Rev. Dr. Rick presents... ~ Live Concert ~ "Space is the Place" featuring... JONN SERRIE also appearing... Deosil Contemporary Art Center Virginia Beach, VA 7pm to 11pm Click here for more info and ticket purchase
  3. I think Cry Baby should be a yes... Pretty good comedy... Rikki Lake having the baby... Iggy Pop... Gotta love it.
  4. Brian Eno's Music for Films, Music for Airports and a few others whose titles I've forgotten. Robert Fripp's 'Soundscape' recordings; listed below Pie Jesus November Suite The Gates of Paradise (a personal favorite) Soundscapes, Vol I, II, and III all are available here; Also Fripp and Eno together; No **footing and Evening Star Also, the Dead Can Dance album The Serpents Egg is truly exquisite I'll be sure to check your list out!!! I also listen to Favorite station is Astreaux World. They play a lot of Brian Eno there. My personal favorites are Roberty Carty and Jonathan Hughes. I like Diatonis, Numina and Steve Roach as well... I like the heavy synth sounds and drones... Take a listen here if you get a chance as well! Astreaux World on
  5. ...currently reading --> Edgar Cayce - The Sleeping Prophet...
  6. soft winds in the night the water ripples slowly our life moves this way ever so gently the currents guide us farther to our decisions which path will we take is our choice the correct one our spirit knows this and at our endpoint will our evaluation be what we hoped for
  7. Do we have any fans of ambient, space, mellow or new age music here? I find these music styles great for spiritual meditation. I have a station on if anyone would like to listen. Almost 500 songs available. More coming soon... Please stop by and enjoy! Rev Dr Rick's Station
  8. Good story... Interesting characters... I agree that it does have relevance to politics today. Definitely worth seeing.
  9. I became ordained because there was something inside of me that said I should help other people realize their spiritualism without the confines of being associated with an organized religion. Tolerance for all beliefs is the key to true peace and spiritualism may come in many forms. Doing that which is right is an excellent motto to live by for anyone and I do my best to spread this message. Whether you believe in God or gods or an order in the universe or whatever it might be that helps you to center yourself in life. All should have an open mind and respect that others might not feel the same way as you do, but that there is nothing wrong with what is spiritually important to you and how you feel about it and express it. Live and let live.