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  1. Does anyone know of any organizations that can hold Funeral services that are non-denomonational, and not affiliated with a particular religious organization? I do not want to have a Christian funeral in a Christian church, becasue I have severed my ties with that particular organized religious order many years ago. Here in the Bible Belt of the USA it seems this is the only way funerals are perfomed unless you are of one of the other big religious orders, such as Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, etc. Is there anything out there for a spiritualist who is not a member of a religious order? Hopefully I will not have to make a decision on this for many many years to come, but one never knows how long one has in this life, and I'd like to make preparations ahead of time, and state in my will what my choice of funeral service will be and arrange with whatever organization can perform it. I would also like to be cremated. I see no reason to take up real estate with my cold lifeless, soulless corpse. And I don't need relatives and frinds visiting my grave when I'm not really there to visit anyway. Any suggestions or leads are appreciated. Thanks, Lars
  2. I have a wide range of musical interests, everything from classical, Celtic and British Folk Music, Sea Shantys, rock n roll, heavy metal, pop, american folk, Renaissance music, and more that I probably have forgotten to include. Some of the most spiritual music for me has been from a rock band called "Live" that blends spiritual messages with heavy Zen influences with thier music. They have a song called "Lakini's Juice" that has a line in it that goes: "It was an evening I shared with the sun, To find out where we belong, In the earliest days, We were dancing in the shadows... " It is one of my favorite lines in music. another song called "Dance With You" has these lines: "Deep in some blissful dream, where the goddess finally sleeps, in the lap of her lover, subdued in all her rage, and I am aglow with the taste of the demons driven out, and happily replaced with the presence of real love, the only one who saves" Another song, called "The Distance" : "I've been to pretty buildings, all in search of you. I have lit all the candles, sat in all the pews. The desert had been done before, but I didn't even care. I got sand in both my shoes and scorpions in my hair. I saw that... Oh the Distance is not do-able. In these bodies of clay my brother. oh the distance it makes me uncomfortable. Guess it's natural to feel this way. Oh are we locked into these bodies? Oh lets hold out for something sweeter. Spread your wings and fly..." Another artist I really take inspiration from is a Renassance Faire performer and folk singer named Garold Amadon aka Gibbon the Troubadour who performs a song called "Trial of the Flame (A warriors lament)" that goes like this: "Take my hand, and follow me. Through the trial of the flame. Take my hand, and follow me. Through the trial of the flame. There well within the cold and dark embattlement. Black Raven calls my name. Ne're before have I explored this dark side of my mind. There amongst those misty ruins, lies this port of death and flame. So come take my hand we'll make a stand. Through this trial of the flame. Take my hand, and follow me. Through the trial of the flame. Thought I'd take this lone trek down the shoreline. What I seek awaits me there 'tis said. If you do not fear it friend you're 'bout as mad as can compare. Lost souls thier ghost and phantoms, they're awaitin' in the rain. So take my hand, and walk with me. Through the trial of the flame. How does it happen now good lad Black Raven calls your name? On this dismal voyage through a world that reeks of death and pain. So clear the smoke and dust that so infests your mortal brain. Then take my hand, I'll lead you through the trial of the flame." Of course there is always Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries, and George Orff's Carmina Burana for dynamic inspiration. There are many many other examples I could list, but these stand out in my mind just now. In Frith, Lars