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    Druidry, Wicca, any type of magick. I live near Las Vegas and have a small coven called Tumbleweed Grove. WE are looking for a couple additional members.
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    same as above

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    Druidess/Dryade to the Goddess
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  1. All my life I've been a very spiritual person, and also somewhat of a psychic. Of course that is not acceptable in any monothesic religions that I've come across. And I found the contradictions of the bible, an angry vengeful god in the old testement, versus a gentle loving god in the new testement, something I could not put my faith in. As I grew older and studied more I learned that, through my own ancestry, there were a class of Priests long before christianity came to northern europe. That was when i learned about Druidry. I joined an organization based in England called OBOD, or the